Saturday, May 20, 2017

Words From The Attic... The Woman Was Strange

What the fuck???

Just a simple fantasy that worked,
for me anyways.

Don't think too much into it.
Just read it for what it is...
a delightful short story,
that leaves the ending...
up to you.

I really liked it.

a lot of the times in fact...
is good!!

The Woman Was Strange

Softly she spoke
It was a whispering voice
I could hardly hear it

The day was dense
And the skies were deep
But if my ears were right
And didn't lie
The voice I heard
Had begun to weep

My little queen
In her moment of despair
Wash away those tears
And brush back your hair

The day was lost
But our lives they remain
So why all the tears
Sorrow and pain

The woman responds
In a peculiar way
Her eyes they glisten
And her hair it glows
Her composure was back
And she starts to say
Round and round
Here we go
Where we'll stop
No one knows

The woman was strange
But quit inviting
Her energy was strong
And even exciting

She grabbed my arm
And pulled me away
And we entered a region
Between the worlds

At first I thought
It was a dream
But no
I was wide awake
So it seemed

She caressed my palm
With her soft moistened hand
To a place that was filled
With white shinny sand

The place on my birth
She mumbled aloud
I must share it's secrets with you...

The Woman Was Strange

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