Saturday, May 13, 2017

Words From The Attic... Oh No Romeo


I'm pretty sure this was meant to be
the lyric's to a song.

But aside from the fact that it
would suck as a song...
it reads really well and I
truly did enjoy it.

It's such a visual work...
I like it!

And I even included
one of my movie star hero's
Errol Flynn

Errol Flynn

Oh No Romeo

You can see yourself
Walk down the street
You can feel
The stride and strut
Looking for a little extra find
And think you've found it

She say's you're cute
With a smile and ease
Bring a grown man
To his knee's
And you know right then
That the word is when
But she only turns out
A tease

Oh no
Oh no Romeo

So you shake it off
In a city way
Throw your head back
Strut some more
And say to yourself
That she ain't shit
Ain't even worth the score

Well you find yourself
In a club downtown
Don't even know the name
Drinkin' booze
Makin' Aaa's and Ooo's
Playin' that stupid game

Well oh no
Oh no Romeo
You ain't got
Nothin' on us pal
You're just part
Of the whole big show

Something seen
In tight blue jeans
A memory
Round your neck
Strut your stuff
And act real tough
Until your mirror's
Had enough

Romeo struts
Like Error Flynn
On the streets
Of his hometown
He can't see yet
But soon he'll see
That Romeo's
Play the clown

Oh no
Oh no Romeo
Don't you know
You've missed the show

Oh No Romeo

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