Saturday, May 13, 2017

Words From The Attic... Quarter Cup


John Lennon will always live inside
of us through those amazing
lyrics of his... no doubt.

Loved every word of this piece.

Obviously I meant
Paul McCartney
George Harrison
& Ringo Starr
when I wrote...
three fourth's left.

John Lennon


Quarter Cup

Let's give peace
Let's give peace a chance
A man in love with the world
Hiding behind
His own romance

Take away one fourth
Of natural power
And leave yourself open
Three fourth's left
Afraid to cower
Living life
Always coping

He loved you
With his words
Scores of lyrics
From his heart
Gave you what
You all deserved
Always real
Even at the start

Many compare
Translate his work
To the words of god
To him
His life was lived
Without a care
A kind of simple
Happy sod

I can hear his voice
It comes from the sun
White album lyrics
Make his choice
Is a warm gun"

My tear is your's
Save some room
For his inside scheme
Fighting for a cause
Wanting to see
His lifelong dream

Quarter Cup

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