Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Words From The Attic... Damn Glad To Meet You

this one caught me a bit by surprise.
Was a lot deeper than I thought it was
going to be as began reading.

One real friend...

Love the boost
from the more positive pieces.

2 thumbs up!

Damn Glad To Meet You

See yourself
Walking down the street
In the middle
Of a one way zone
When the times were good
They all remained
But when the roof fell in
You're all alone

Looking to the left
Looking to the right
Looking for a real close friend
Easy to see
Just what you need
Is waiting around the bend

White line fever
Hit the open road
And leave all your troubles
And don't let no
Sweet talkin' son of a bitch
Go ahead
And change your mind

You've got one real friend
And that's yourself
You gotta look
And you will find him
You gotta give him a chance
To build some confidence
And now's the time
To begin

You gotta look at things
In a different way
And forget
What the other's say
Because they all wish
That they had a friend
Like the one
You found today

Damn Glad To Meet You

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