Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Words From The Attic... Can You Beat It

Love this one!

Wrote this while I was down in
Tennessee in navy electronic's school
gotta be late 1981, early 1982.
Probably while waiting for my laundry
to finish. I usually listened to
David Bowie while waiting, but
somehow THE WHO took over!
And brought about this memory.
I was on top of the world at this point,
the leader of our fourth floor brigade... LoL
What a wacky time.

I had one neighborhood friend
in mind when I penned it...
Ronnie Gallo!

Oh fuck...
we used to grab some lunch,
a bunch of beers,
and eat lunch in the Holy Family church
parking lot. Have ten thousand laughs,
and then drive around Staten Island,
while creating yet another...
ten thousand fucking laughs... LoL
Just too awesome!

I say that "we're both" headlining
the show while being away...
but can't really remember why.
I guess for me it was running the floor
like a well oiled machine.
And Ronnie was probably in the
process of climbing the ladder
of success in the restaurant
he was working in at the time.

Hopefully everyone...
has had moments like this
during their growing up years!

I can't wait to finally...
grow up!

Can You Beat It

Growing up with someone
Yeah we're kind'a tight
Sharing things between us both
And trying hard to keep it true
With all our might

Driving around
Teenage drunken daze
Was just the beginning
For now we're in a
What the hell are we gonna do with ourselves
Kind'a haze
But I see us both winning
Yeah I see us both winning

We've cut school
Broken the golden rule
And yet
Neither of us
Has played the fool

I think it is really cool
What's going on
Both of us away
From what we really know
And both of us
Kind'a headlining
The whole fucking show

The kids at school
Have parents that
Seem so cool
And though I
Don't wanna hurt'em
Mine want me
Their way

Words of wisdom
From Peter T
Just flow through our nights
So naturally

People like you man
May our friendship last
'Til the end of the wick
Until we reach our prime
And then start all over
A new candlestick

Sometimes it really
Just doesn't show
And things do happen
To curve our path
But beneath it all
I look at you
As another bro
Because when we hangout
I can't help but laugh

Good luck to you
Good luck to me
Only ourselves
Can plan our own destiny

Whatever they are
It really makes no deal
As long as we both
Stay forever
Fuckin' real

Can You Beat It

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