Sunday, May 21, 2017

Warren Zevon with Bruce Springsteen... Disorder In The House... Song of the Moment

Song of the Moment

Warren Zevon was about to die...
so what did he do??
He recorded his very last album,
that's what!

It's a really good disc,
but this one track just kicks my ass.
Bruce Springsteen
joined forces with Warren on it.
Warren Zevon and Bruce Springsteen during the recording of The Wind album 2003
Warren Zevon and Bruce Springsteen during the recording of The Wind album 2003

The album is entitled... 
And was officially released on...
August 23, 2003
Warren Zevon... The Wind... 2003

And then...
Warren passed away
just 15 days later on...
September 7, 2003


Love the energy on this track.
Watch and listen to Bruce
just fuckin' wail on guitar in the booth
with that dirty... filthy lead.

I think you'll love this song
as much as I do!!!!

Warren fuckin' Zevon...
Lawyers... Guns & Money

Disorder In The House

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Words From The Attic... Slow

The world... needs... dreamers!!


A dreamer lives forever


Words From The Attic... A Simple Thing That's Sometimes Hard To Do

At first I didn't understand the title.
Well, we all know what a crappy title
creator I am right... lol

But then the theme of sharing...
that has to be it... right.
Because sometimes,
a lot of times really...
is a very difficult response for us to grasp.

So yeah...
it really is...
hard to do!

I enjoyed this piece very much.

A Simple Thing That's Sometimes Hard To Do

When I'm alone
I start to daydream
Of things to come
I wonder about things
That mean nothing at all
I sometimes dream
Of flying to the sun

I see in my mind
Real pretty things
The trees
The lakes
The springs
I see myself on a sunny day
And realize just one thing

There's no one there
There's no one to share
All the beauty before my eye's
Until I look up
I see you there
You were bright
As the glowing skies

You were willing to share
With someone who cared
About the things that you thought right
I took your hand
It's like it all was planned
And we shared our love
Throughout the night

It's the little things in life
That really mean a lot
Like a cuddle
A hug
Or a kiss
It may be simple to you
But it's the world to me
To be sharing a love
Like this

A Simple Thing That's Sometimes Hard To Do

Words From The Attic... Our Eyes

my blood almost ran cold...
for a second, I thought
she really was...
looking at me!

to the point
up beat
out loud thinking
and well
pretty neat.
I like it... a lot!

Our Eyes

A shivering sensation
Runs up your spine
As the girl of your dreams
Approaches your world
She's soft
She's quiet
She could be mine

As the wolves of the night
Approach your prey
With offerings of love
And soft gentle rain
But to her
They're just
Another day

As the movement calms
And the wolves retreat
My blood runs cold
And my heart grows fast
As she turns her head
And looks at me
And our eye's
Do meet

Our Eyes

Words From The Attic... The Woman Was Strange

What the fuck???

Just a simple fantasy that worked,
for me anyways.

Don't think too much into it.
Just read it for what it is...
a delightful short story,
that leaves the ending...
up to you.

I really liked it.

a lot of the times in fact...
is good!!

The Woman Was Strange

Softly she spoke
It was a whispering voice
I could hardly hear it

The day was dense
And the skies were deep
But if my ears were right
And didn't lie
The voice I heard
Had begun to weep

My little queen
In her moment of despair
Wash away those tears
And brush back your hair

The day was lost
But our lives they remain
So why all the tears
Sorrow and pain

The woman responds
In a peculiar way
Her eyes they glisten
And her hair it glows
Her composure was back
And she starts to say
Round and round
Here we go
Where we'll stop
No one knows

The woman was strange
But quit inviting
Her energy was strong
And even exciting

She grabbed my arm
And pulled me away
And we entered a region
Between the worlds

At first I thought
It was a dream
But no
I was wide awake
So it seemed

She caressed my palm
With her soft moistened hand
To a place that was filled
With white shinny sand

The place on my birth
She mumbled aloud
I must share it's secrets with you...

The Woman Was Strange

Words From The Attic... Hung Up On You

I can't wait to find THIS... girl!

Loved reading this one.

Forever... my love song!

Hung Up On You

I feel your body inside my mind
Caressing it's thought
Left blind
Waiting for you to call my name
For you
To call your game

Your letters I read
Only making me need
You more
I taste your scent in every word
I feel myself
Running for the door

Wanting to kiss you
Feel your every move
Knowing what it's like
To be with someone
Who can always soothe

When I think of you
I understand
That you are simply real
You hold my hand
You talk with me
You tell me exactly
How you feel

I've waited for you
For a very long time
All the other's
Were oh so wrong
Now I'm so happy
That you're all mine
You are forever
My love song

Hung Up On You

Words From The Attic... A Spewing Mind

This has Jim Morrison's fingerprints
ALL over it.

Not really sure what it means but,
I kinda enjoyed reading my spewing.

A Spewing Mind

Racing along the sand
The cold wet substance between your toes
Feels like victory
In a summer rain

The sun it shines
In the eyes who see
While darkness appears at the bottom

Give us your wisdom and set me free
Darkened skin
And burning roots
Blood flows like the wine
The new wine
Dying on the vine

Perhaps maybe
The girls they know
Understand the thoughts
And understand the pure stupidity
I don't think you can

Moving so fast
Run so fast
That none could catch

Experience your decision to stay
If you must
For you over there
Follow me
We can't turn back now
He waits for us
Our friend

A Spewing Mind

Words From The Attic... A Forever Sunny Path

A very loving and tender
bunch of words... LoL

No really,
it's a classic tale
of the thing most wanted
by most... humans...
inner strength
inner passion
complete involvement

2 thumbs up again... nice!

A Forever Sunny Path

But yet open
And yet defensive
I just had to go back to see you

I didn't see it at first
It took me by surprise
Just how real you seemed
But when I left
I was ready to burst
For now I did realize
That it's been you
I've dreamed

I've been thinking about your smile
While I'm here... away
I tried so hard to miss that plane
I wanted so much to be with you
The rest of the day

Today it's cloudy outside
But I still have a piece of the sun
Within me
It's been shinning bright
And glowing soft
Since yesterday
When my eyes first met thee

Before any further I go
With what I have to say
I'll need a smile to make me show
That in the wings
There's warmth and fun
On the way

If ever a woman were herself
With actions
And words together
To see how real she can be
Beautiful weather
You have my time
You have my thought
You have me
Can we be together

Easy does it
Just stand there
And look at me
You're beautiful
Really don't need to make
This rhyme
Because you just do something
To it all

Enjoy what is coming your way
Live out life with a laugh
For you to smile
Would make my day
And would put my dreams of you
On a forever
Sunny path

A Forever Sunny Path
A Forever Sunny Path

Words From The Attic... So Warm Inside

Almost left me speechless!
Absolutely love this one.

This is some lucky dude...
lemme tell ya!

Wonderful words that just
paint a picture as you read.

2 thumbs up!

So Warm Inside

Someone once said
That there's a feeling inside
That everyone can show it
But some choose
To hide

For many years I've wondered
If I've had a chance to see
That feeling that I have
Inside of me

They say you know when you feel it
It's like nothing ever felt before
Just like the day I came in contact
With the sweet one
I adore

Well everyone should have a chance
To reach out and pull in
Someone who is beautiful
And know's just where
She's been

Who's heavenly ways
And endless days
Are full of constant joy
Yes someone who's delightful smile
Can soothe
This little boy

Day after day
I wake to see
A queen without despair
Even as she sleeps
In a soft silken world
Her beauty
Is beyond compare

Now often I feel
That feeling inside
With a chance to show it
Of hide

Before she awakes
She has made my day
Making up
For the ones that I lost
To play

It's so warm in the arms of your love
It's so warm inside
When you're loved

So Warm Inside
So Warm Inside

Words From The Attic... Something To Think About

I wrote this in 1981 when I was 20.
I must have been having
a bad week or something
and needed to vent.

Not really a poem...
sounds like I just needed to spew.
And so I pulled out my trusty pen...

and bled my ink onto the page.

I wonder if it made me feel any better,
I can't remember.

I sort of like what I just read.

Something To Think About

People that defend
Well maybe
They'll learn in the end

Why they seem so tough
Up until
You call their bluff

How did they survive
For so long
Are they still here

People who don't know
The meaning of life
Does it make you mad
As it does me

It took me 20 years
To find it's meaning
But now that I have
I plan on taking full advantage
Of it

My meaning is not
Can not
Be the same as yours
But when you feel it
You will know it
And I think I feel it

Fuck everybody who thinks
You're different
Or just too

I love to wear something
Out of the ordinary
I watch all the people look at me
Some laugh
But some stop
And wonder

The one's who laugh
Some are true
But some
Are not

I know it
I just do
They are hiding something

They just don't have
The fucking balls
To do it
They must defend that

Why should you give a shit
What someone else
Thinks of you
If it makes you happy
Then do it

People are such assholes
I know
And you know it

Some people need Sassoon
Some need themselves
That's the people
Who are more down to earth
Of the time

Why did god put us here
To impress other people

Give me a break
He wants us to be happy
But it's up to us

If you want to be plastic
That's alright with me
But don't try to change me
Or criticize me
With that shit

You have your opinion
I've got mine
I'd rather live trying to please myself
Then that guy or girl over there

You don't like me
The way I dress
The way I act
Tough shit
Go fuck yourself

I will change for no one
But me

I'm only 20
But I've made some
Stupid mistakes

I'm only glad
I had someone to turn to
And tell me
Where I was fucking up

No answers
Just made me aware of what the hell
Went down

Live your life
At your very own pace
And fuck the rest
'Cause life ain't a race

It's heaven or hell
And it's up to you
And that my friend
Is the only clue

Good luck
And please be happy

Something To Think About
Something To Think About