Sunday, May 7, 2017

Words From The Attic... People --- Dumb Ain't They

This poem --- dumb ain't it.

I'm dizzy from rhyme.
I think I may have been talking
about the madness and crowds
down at the Jersey shore.
Or maybe some other beach haven.

Not a big fan of this one.

People --- Dumb Ain't They

The days are long
And the days are hot
As they all hangout
And smoke their pot

The sun boiled our bones
And burnt our skin
While we lounged around
And drank our gin

They come from all over
And look for the most
Far and near
And coast to coast

The sensations of the sand
Is like a fine rock 'n roll band
They both give you pleasure
To the highest of measure

The water is bold
But never too cold
The birds warm in a flock
Resembles an epic by Hitchcock

The people indulge by feeding
They soothe the pain
And stop the bleeding

The people have all different reasons
For coming
Some for work
And some for bumming (that's me)

Some come to forget the world
And it's people
They come to erect
A different steeple

They cry out
To legions of the brave
To protect their souls
From disco and new wave
And guide them to safer ports

They leave their wives
To protect their lives
And forget the boss
From work
Because he's a jerk

They lay on the sand
And read the book
While in the background
The huge condo's overlook

They are luxurious
In every way
The beds are large
And soft as hay

Just too many people
They stand outside
And can't get in
We look on the event
And say what a sin

On their knees
As to beg
I can't see why
The damn thing cost's an arm and a leg
And that's no lie

They should have thought
And used their smarts
And asked the keeper
That's why I'm staying
With a bunch of old farts
It's a hell of a lot cheaper

They go to the store
And spend their cash
Then later that night
They check out a bash

Someone once said
The rich get rich
And the poor get poor
I think it's true
Because I've been keeping score

The rich are winning
And the poor are losing
One is flying
And the other is boozing

But the beach is for all
So pack your bags
And have a ball

And tie back the hands of time
And turn your life
Into a rhyme
And let the demon loose

You say hello
You make your move
You get excited
And start to juice

So if you stay at home
You'll be all alone
So come with us
Into the danger zone

People --- Dumb Ain't They
People --- Dumb Ain't They

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