Sunday, May 14, 2017

Words From The Attic... Found My Life In You

I loved reading this one!

Couldn't tell you when I wrote it,
or where I was while doing so but...
they truly feel so heartfelt
and worthy of any man's
wedding day vows!

Found My Life In You

So many times
We overlook
The important things
In life
The simple ways
And means of living
Between husband
And wife

Today we are
Bringing together
Both friendship
And love
And we thank you all
For being part of our day
Without our friends
And loved ones
In our life
Our dreams we have
Would slowly
Slip away

Becoming one life
Becoming one soul
Is a beautiful
Feeling inside
Being able to love
And share your ideas
With someone
Just so right
Both your heart's
Willing to abide
To keeping all your dreams
In sight

Found My Life In You

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