Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Words From The Attic... Missing You

Loved it!

A simple...
hey I miss you and thinking of you
little ditty.

Nothing over the top as far as the
"woe is me" theme.

Just a dude touching base with his girl
to let her know just where she
stands in his life.
Very cool!!

2 thumbs up!

Missing You

Well they say that absence
Makes the heart grow closer
To the one you want to be near
And I think that's true
Because when I'm here without you
My thoughts are never
Really clear

Some nights
My mind is full of nothing but you
I'm with other friends having fun
Exploding into the night
But every minute I'm laughing free
It seems to me
I see your face
In every light

And that only makes my night more complete
To be with the guy's running wild
And still have you
With me at the same time
Makes me want you more
With each numbered dialed

Hello my love
I'm just calling to say yes
I do
Keep warm
And tell your friends hello
Be good babe
I've got to go

A glimpse of your face
A word spoken so soft
Is enough to soothe any pain
Is enough to stop the wind
And the rain

It's always a thrill
To be within
Your warmth

Missing You

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