Sunday, December 3, 2017

Favorite Quotes... Paulo Coelho said this...

I simply love
this simple quote...
this simple thought...

this simple truth...

that is at times just too fucking
too fucking draining...
to achieve!!!

sometimes when we heave...
when we bleed massive amounts of ho...
we do...
find that freedom.

I love this quote!

"It takes huge effort
to free yourself from memory"

Paulo Coelho quote

These words of wisdom come from
one of my favorite author's...
Paulo Coelho

Paulo is the author
of one of my favorite books...
Paulo Coelho... The Alchemist

Saturday, December 2, 2017

The Eagles... Already Gone... A Perfect Lyric

A Perfect Lyric

I heard this song on the radio
while driving back home today...
fuckin' AWESOME!

At first I was listening to
Aerosmith's "Live Bootleg" cd...
love that muthafuckin album!

Right after the last notes to
"Train Kept A Rollin'"...
and the fading of the crowd noise...
I switched over to the radio
and the song was right at the part
of these most perfect lyrics...
that I've heard, AND sang,
a million times over mind you but...

... for some reason, this time around,
they just hit me over the head
like a ton of fucking perfection.

Profound reality
is truly a wonderful thing isn't it!!

The song I'm talking about,
is performed by
The Eagles
The Eagles
The Eagles
The Eagles

I made the switch to the radio
and this... is what I heard...

"Well I know it wasn't you
who held me down
Heaven knows it wasn't you
who set me free
So often times it happens
that we live our lives in chains
And we never even know
we have the key"

The Eagles... Already Gone
The Eagles... Already Gone

That whole verse is amazing but...
it's the second line that just
fuckin' resonated with me SO much
at that very moment.

To realize that it's YOU...
who is the one that's holding YOU...
from being everything
and doing everything...
that your little heart desires
is such a fucking wake up call
I have to tell ya... LoL

And that fucking amazing dirty guitar
at the 2:36 point of the song
right after the word "free"...
just kicks my ass...
every time...

It was written by two guys
Jack Tempchin & Robb Strandlund
and was on the Eagles 1974 release...
The Eagles... On The Border
The Eagles... On The Border

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Can I Be...

Was listening to a Scott Stapp
song the other day...
picked up a pen...
and this came out.

I really like it!

Can I Be...

Can I be an island
A self sustaining life
Running on cylinders --- full
Throttled to the max
Can I be that island
Without strife
Tensions within me --- pull
As I try my best to relax

Can I be more
Than an ocean filled with doubt
Surrounding my island --- treasure
A pirates creed
Can I be that ocean
Water's clear water's without
Skillfully maneuvering --- taking measure
Fruit-filled limbs only
Life beyond the seed

Can I be a sun
Refreshing yellow glow
Leaving behind shapes --- a stillness
Shadows revealing a tale
Can I be that sun
A brightness  a warmth  a show
Caressing your emotions --- a willingness
To embrace my rays
They never fail

Can I be a tick in time
Just listen to that click
As your heart moves from 1 to --- 2
Such safety is found inside
Can I be that tick in time
You are the candle I am the wick
My strength & love flows & believes --- in you
That time stands still as 1 & 2
You & I

Can I be your vision
Can I be your season
Can I be your present
Can I be your song
Can I be your future

Can I be...

Can I Be...
Can I Be...
Can I Be...
Can I Be...

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Roger Daltrey... McVicar... Song of the Moment

Song of the Moment

Okay... this one is really...
Album of the Moment!

Back in 1980...
when I was 19 and moved into my very first
apartment on Staten Island...
I listened to a ton... of rock music... but...
for some reason I bled...
these 9 albums...
that came out that year!

An American Prayer
(Jim Morrison & The doors)
An American Prayer... Jim Morrison & The doors

Let The Music Do The Talking
(The Joe Perry Project)
Let The Music Do The Talking... The Joe Perry Project

(Fuckin' Pete!!!)
Empty Glass... Pete Townshend 1980

(Judas Priest)
British Steel... Judas Priest 1980. Look at the wear from the album... dont'cha fuckin' miss that shit!!

AC/DC... Back In Black 1980... first album with Brian Johnson on vocals after the death of the awesome Bon Scott.

Blizzard of OZZ
(Fuckin' OZZY's first solo album)
Blizzard of OZZ... Fuckin' OZZY

Heaven And Hell
Black Sabbath
w/ Ronnie James Dio on throat!!!
Heaven And Hell... Black Sabbath w/ Ronnie James Dio on vocals 1980

... and of course THIS...
muthafuckin' masterpiece...

(Roger Daltrey)
McVicar Soundtrack... Roger Daltrey
McVicar Soundtrack... Roger Daltrey

Roger and Pete
helped my friends and I
to always carry on!!

Roger Daltrey... McVicar movie & soundtrack
Roger Daltrey... McVicar movie & soundtrack
Roger Daltrey... McVicar movie & soundtrack
Roger Daltrey... the fuckin' rock star!
Roger Daltrey... the fuckin' rock star!
Roger Daltrey... the fuckin' rock star!
Roger Daltrey... the fuckin' rock star!
Roger Daltrey & Pete Townshend... "as usual, THE WHO are always on top of everything"... as Keith Moon so says on stage.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Warren Zevon with Bruce Springsteen... Disorder In The House... Song of the Moment

Song of the Moment

Warren Zevon was about to die...
so what did he do??
He recorded his very last album,
that's what!

It's a really good disc,
but this one track just kicks my ass.
Bruce Springsteen
joined forces with Warren on it.
Warren Zevon and Bruce Springsteen during the recording of The Wind album 2003
Warren Zevon and Bruce Springsteen during the recording of The Wind album 2003

The album is entitled... 
And was officially released on...
August 23, 2003
Warren Zevon... The Wind... 2003

And then...
Warren passed away
just 15 days later on...
September 7, 2003


Love the energy on this track.
Watch and listen to Bruce
just fuckin' wail on guitar in the booth
with that dirty... filthy lead.

I think you'll love this song
as much as I do!!!!

Warren fuckin' Zevon...
Lawyers... Guns & Money

Disorder In The House

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Words From The Attic... Slow

The world... needs... dreamers!!


A dreamer lives forever


Words From The Attic... A Simple Thing That's Sometimes Hard To Do

At first I didn't understand the title.
Well, we all know what a crappy title
creator I am right... lol

But then the theme of sharing...
that has to be it... right.
Because sometimes,
a lot of times really...
is a very difficult response for us to grasp.

So yeah...
it really is...
hard to do!

I enjoyed this piece very much.

A Simple Thing That's Sometimes Hard To Do

When I'm alone
I start to daydream
Of things to come
I wonder about things
That mean nothing at all
I sometimes dream
Of flying to the sun

I see in my mind
Real pretty things
The trees
The lakes
The springs
I see myself on a sunny day
And realize just one thing

There's no one there
There's no one to share
All the beauty before my eye's
Until I look up
I see you there
You were bright
As the glowing skies

You were willing to share
With someone who cared
About the things that you thought right
I took your hand
It's like it all was planned
And we shared our love
Throughout the night

It's the little things in life
That really mean a lot
Like a cuddle
A hug
Or a kiss
It may be simple to you
But it's the world to me
To be sharing a love
Like this

A Simple Thing That's Sometimes Hard To Do