Saturday, May 13, 2017

Words From The Attic... Get Lost

Love it.

It's yet another
"Go fuck yourself"

The last verse works very well.
At first when I read it I didn't
realize that the person being
accused was the one talking... lol
But when it finally hit me,
it read so much stronger!

2 thumbs up!

Get Lost

Well how come you're
Always on my back
About being some kind of man
When there's things I say
And things I do
That you just
Don't understand

You come at me
With schoolboy wit
And down
Everything I stand for
Just because
The ones you hate
Are the ones
That I adore

I can feel your presence
Man such an informality
Just a straight "A" student
With no common sense
Just lot's of boredom
And plenty of gall
Man you got a nerve
Just talking to me

Following people
Because they tell you to
Instead of living the way
Your own heart say's to

Shallow accusations
Come roaring from your mouth
It's a let down man
You know it
There ain't no one here
Wants to hear that crap
Just go away
You just don't fit

Live like you
One of the few
Who can live
Like the man you are
Without no fear
To stand up here
To be your own

Get Lost

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