Saturday, May 20, 2017

Words From The Attic... So Warm Inside

Almost left me speechless!
Absolutely love this one.

This is some lucky dude...
lemme tell ya!

Wonderful words that just
paint a picture as you read.

2 thumbs up!

So Warm Inside

Someone once said
That there's a feeling inside
That everyone can show it
But some choose
To hide

For many years I've wondered
If I've had a chance to see
That feeling that I have
Inside of me

They say you know when you feel it
It's like nothing ever felt before
Just like the day I came in contact
With the sweet one
I adore

Well everyone should have a chance
To reach out and pull in
Someone who is beautiful
And know's just where
She's been

Who's heavenly ways
And endless days
Are full of constant joy
Yes someone who's delightful smile
Can soothe
This little boy

Day after day
I wake to see
A queen without despair
Even as she sleeps
In a soft silken world
Her beauty
Is beyond compare

Now often I feel
That feeling inside
With a chance to show it
Of hide

Before she awakes
She has made my day
Making up
For the ones that I lost
To play

It's so warm in the arms of your love
It's so warm inside
When you're loved

So Warm Inside
So Warm Inside

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