Sunday, January 29, 2017

Words From The Attic... Lead -- Don't Get Lost

I was having one of those
inspirational moments.

Looking towards your hero's...
be they rock 'n roll or otherwise...
dead or... alive...
for a spark in life was, and still is...
something that I fall back to
from time to time.

Hey... if it helps you to propel your own
life forwards...
then it's just as good as any other
inspirational input!

Was lucky enough to find Jim's
final resting place in Paris, France
and have a few sips of wine with him.

Click here...
if you wanna see some photos
and read about the adventure
my friend Billy and I lived through.

Lead --- Don't Get Lost

Approach the bench and confess your dreams
You see it a lot
But it's not as easy as it seems

You look at the people
Whose dreams have come true
The rock stars you listen to
They haven't all won
Like Bon Scott...
the Mooner...
and even Jim Morrison

They had their dreams and went for it all
They ignored the world
And had a ball

But those people were unique
And are very few
But that doesn't mean
That you can't be one too

So pull back those arms
And throw out that chest
And ignite your own dreams
And fuck the rest

Bon Scott
Lead singer of the band AC/DC
died of alcohol poisoning at age 33
Bon Scott dead at age 33... February 19, 1980

Keith Moon
(The Mooner)
Drummer for the band
known as THE WHO
died of alcohol and pills
and shear lunacy at age 32
Keith Moon dead at age 32... September 7, 1978

Jim Morrison
Singer for the band called 
The Doors
died of a heart attack
at age 27 so they say??
Understand him
and you will like him
Jim Morrison dead at age 27... July 3, 1971

Lead --- Don't Get Lost

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Words From The Attic... Melany

Absolutley love this name!
And no... I have never had the pleasure
of knowing anyone belonging
to those 6 letters.
But it seems here
that I wanted to marry her... lol

Probably another one I wrote while in the Navy. I was really a sappy mess so often during those years. Missing things I've never had in the first place. It was a very weird emotional world at times for me during those daze.


Are you ready to give your love to me
Are you ready to be my wife
Are you ready to live... and have some fun
Are you ready for a beautiful life

We've been together now... for a year or so
And I do think the time is right
Will you take my hand... and my wedding band
Underneath the stars... and moonlight

Well you know it's true that I love you so
You're the spirit that rides in me
And you know it's true that I'll follow your flow
With a smile in my heart that just sets me free

Melany girl... you're such a special little whirl
And forever on my mind
You're the twinkle in my eye
My private little world
And can never ever... be out shined

Smile Sunshine


Words From The Attic... Neighborhood Thief

this was the result of me obsessing
on the wailing words of
singing his lyrics to the song
from the incredible 1978
AC/DC album release...
Highway To Hell album cover... 1978 AC/DC

Hey... what can I say...
I "borrowed" Bon's idea
and went with it... LoL
But Bons' words are way better for sure!

Obsess much???

Neighborhood Thief

Walking on a path that overlooks the bay
With a sun that's hot and on the rise
I blindly watch tomorrow... becoming today

I'm a man on the prowl so don't waste your time
Don't bother to look for my evil ways
'Cause I strike like a flash
I'm a one of a kind

Your pockets are picked and your wife was fine
You own no more when my work is done
And you hate my soul 'cause your mine... all mine

To walk the streets is a deadly chore
I'm under here or over there
I could even be waiting... behind the door

I slither and slide across the room
And I'm at my best... ya know
With the fullest of moons

Come on now honey just give me a chance
Flash your jewels and that fancy brooch
And if you don't watch out
I'll steal your bod... right from your pants

I'm a crack in the wall or that fallen leaf
I'm the slyness of the wind
I'm your... neighborhood thief

Neighborhood Thief

Sunday, January 15, 2017


Words from the attic continues...

Love this one!
For the life of me I can't remember when it was born, but...
whenever I read this fucker...
I really do... feel I'm home!

I always wanna be those lyrics...


Have you ever seen the dark side of the moon
        Illuminate inside of you
        A glorious glow of unearthly dew
Have you ever been the lyrics inside the tune...

Have you ever wondered why you're here alone
        While the outside world communicates
        As your PC screen anxiously awaits
Have you ever been the joy
When they hear the cell ringtone...

Have you ever had a day in your life last a year
        Through morning... noon... and night
        24 hours through 12 months
        Within a beam of soothing light
Have you ever been the salt
Within the drop of a joyful tear...

Have you ever loved something... someone
With all your heart
        Thinking to yourself the whole time if they knew
        Were the skies in their eyes
        The very same brilliant blue
Have you ever been the winner of the race
Even before the start...

Have you ever felt perfection caress your face
        Her glance... her hands... her lips...
        A brave new world experienced... fingertips
Have you ever known that you were home
Light years before you ever arrived... at that place...

Home Sweet Home

HSH being born

HSH all grown up

Such A Great Day

More words from the attic.

Was introduced to someone years back, and after an 8 hour first date we became amazingly close... for a short while. As we were both going through some emotional stress.

And then eventually went our separate ways but always knowing that we were both just a text or call away.


Such A Great Day

Do you know why
Today is going to be such a great day

Today is going to be such a great day because
I woke up this morning even before
The alarm clock had a chance to assault me

My eyes opened wide
Full of life
Just grinning ear to ear
Consumed with the prospect
Of every conceivable possibility
My eyes would see

Great because today
May be the day that I fall in love
Could this life really emulate such a scene
Pulled from a Hollywood script

Never will I give up hope
For the day has ensured my vocal joy
Never again will I leave behind
An opportunity by being frightened 
Or tight-lipped

Great because today may be the day
That I get to ease someone's suffering
In some way
A helping hand... simple advice
Giving up loose change

Today I may surprise someone
So completely with my offering
That they become so overwhelmed
With gratitude
That they simply have nothing to say
Complete loss of their vocal range

Today will be such a great day
Unlike no other
Because today was the day
That I actually understood
What it really means to be a friend

How could it be
That after all these years of living
No lifelong friendship
Has ever given me such insights
That in such a short time
To teach my mind to re-explore it's own values
Re-igniting a roaring river of emotions
That I know will never end

If never do we meet face to face again
Somehow that really doesn't matter
The happiness and joy you've given me today
Via electronic waves will last a lifetime
My smile may never fade away

You my dear Susan will never become old hat
Without a doubt in my mind
Truly so much more than just a woman
More than even you realize... so much more
It's because of you... that this will be
Such a great day...

Such A Great Day being born
Such A Great Day being born

Such A Great Day all grown up
Such A Great Day all grown up


Here's some more "woe is me" words from the attic. These words must have found there way onto the page shortly after we split but before the papers were signed.

Alittle sappy... bit I kind'a like it!


I'm Waiting
I'm waiting for the tides to turn
For a change in the rivers course
I'm waiting to see if I've finally learned
How to put a love above all... instead of myself
That's the pain I now bare upon my cross...

I'm wanting
I'm wanting time to somehow be reversed
A machine to step into
I'm wanting the bubble I'm living in to burst
Now that I've seen
What's the most important thing not...
In my life
Which I now know is you...

I'm wishing
I'm wishing my days away
But without the lamp to rub
Can a wish ever be fulfilled
I'm wishing you could see within my mind
It always seems to know exactly what to say
But alas... you can't
Thus leaving such awkward verse
Once again...
The tides have all been stilled...

I know
I now know the secret to my success was you
The driving force behind the man
I now know after time apart
I finally have a clue
That a husband must adore his wife
And put her above all
It's taken me all this time
To finally understand...

Hugs and kisses... cuddling in the dark
Are the only things I should have shown
Instead I left you lonely nights & broken hearts
And now... silly lovesick poems...

This confusing process has unveiled a truth
A deep seated thought
The final clue
I've come to realize
The reason behind my heartache
It comes from the endless hours
Inside my isolation booth... silent talk
The realization that I may never hold hands
Or be able to stare into those eyes again
May be the chance... to grow old... with you...

Sorry will never be enough

Mistakes being born
Mistakes being born
Mistakes being born

Mistakes fully grown
Mistakes fully grown

Forever My Wife

Still clearing out the attic of words!

Some of the things I've come across
have made me laugh
some brought tears
while others sucked so bad I just
crumbled it up and tossed it
in the trash... LoL
Good thing for me you can't
crumble up a blog post!

I can't really remember exactly
when I wrote this,
but I'm betting it wasn't too long after
we officially signed the papers
and all hope of reuniting,
at least in my eyes... was gone.

Woe is me... lol

But as silly as it may seem to read this sort of dribble... at the time when words such as these leave my head and spill upon whatever tablet, page or napkin my pencil finds... it's just so exhilarating... in an "Oh thank goodness I got that shit outta my fuckin' head" sort'a way... LoL

So without further ado... my heart...
poured upon the page... for you!

Forever My Wife

Suddenly all you have is gone
 For better or for worse are now words forgotten
At times it seems you were doing the right thing
 Then at times it seems I'm lost in life
  Safe and warm... but still looking for my home...

Unaware of our surroundings
 Blind to the fact that our heartbeats were changing
  Not always in sync... not always the same
Until finally we find ourselves apart
 An unnecessary struggle from day to day
  Does it really matter now who is to blame...

My new life goes on
 Like a newborn child I approach each dawn
Relearning ideas that I've had for years
 Trying to find myself all over again
  Can I really ever truly belong...

But beneath the surface of every morning
 Is a riding force that's hiding
  Putting on a charade
Allowing me my newfound freedom
 While still pulling back on the reins
  Perhaps through frustration and haste
   A life altering mistake was made...

Can things ever be the same... I don't know
 How can two people fall in love
  Then take for granted
   What some other's may never find...

I'm troubled still... but continue a new
 I hope my confusion transforms into life
The journey ahead will be a challenge
 Nothing short of an emotional roller coaster
  But through the good to come... and even the bad
   Down deep within my heart
    I know you will always and forever be my wife...

Forever My Wife coming alive
Forever My Wife coming alive

Forever My Wife fully grown up