Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Yes... And You & I... Song of the Moment

Song of the Moment

In a word... perfection!

Now settle in...
watch 'n listen!
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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Pins & Needles... Needles & Pins

Never again!

And let's just leave it at that.

Pins & Needles
Needles & Pins

Raise your hand if you’ve ever gotten a tattoo.

And, I don’t mean one of those temporary jobs that wash away when you take your weekly shower either. You smelly bastard, you!

I mean the real deal.
You know, the kind that would cause
your mother to freak out.

Well, my hand is in the air as well.
I’ve got the word smile, on my right shoulder. Pretty corny I know.

I got it while I was still stationed in Millington, Tenn. You should see it. The colors are all faded, and it’s hard to see now. Pretty bootleg! And, to tell you the truth, if I knew what I had to go through to get it I would’ve never gotten one.

Tommy Mondello "smile" tattoo
So stupid right... lol

It took me a couple of weeks to decide what I wanted some dirty, smelly, biker,
to scratch into my skin.

I was lookin’ at drawings, lettering, pretty much anything my eyes came in contact with. Just waiting for that one thing to jump out and say...
Hey dude, over here.
I would go perfect with
those good looks of yours!
Oh shutup! LoL

Well, much to my dismay, nothing jumped out. Not one thing caught my eye. So, I decided

to create my own design.

I began to scribble down some words, and viola! Smile! It was something that I was adding to the end of all the poetry I was writing in boot camp and such. So I already had

a connection and comfort with it.

But, lemme tell ya, this was the easy part by far. The actual tattooing process
was a nightmare.

When I finally did make up my mind
to go and get my ink done.
(Yeah, getting ink. That’s what us tough guys who have tattoos call it. Even though mine is barely a tattoo!)
And again... oh shutup! LoL

Well when my mind was made up I walked to the main road, stuck my thumb out into the breeze, and hitched my way to the tattoo parlor. And, with my smile drawing in hand, I slowly opened the front door, and walked in.

To tell you the truth, the parlor wasn’t nearly as bad as I had imagined it would be. But, don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t eat my lunch anywhere near this fuckin' place either.

I approached this big leather-clad dude, with tattoos all over his body. I didn’t know where the clothes ended, and where the ink began. And, it would be this animal that was going to be the one to ink my shoulder. Oh, lucky me.

I always fantasized about some beautiful, buxom biker chick writing on my body while her big babygirl boobies were bouncing back 'n forth before me, not fuckin’ sasquatch.

Anyways, back to reality, I handed him my design, and told him exactly where

I wanted the work done.

He then pointed me to an open chair.

Now, as I sat down, just to the left of me in another chair was a... woman, I think, already getting tattooed. But in no way, was she my fantasy buxom beauty either.

This thing could’ve kicked my ass

just by lookin’ at me!

I’m sure I would just cower with fear,

just from her ferocious stare alone.
Scary chick, dude. Fuckin' scary.

She was getting some kind of huge mess, etched onto her arm. And man, did it look like it hurt.

My eyes began welling up with pain,
and I was only observing.

I mean the tattoo gun was on fire. Ink was covering her arm by the quart it seemed. I could see the discomfort in her face. But she remained stern and unaffected. I began to wonder if mine would take such a toll.

Well, soon I would find out, as Sasquatch had returned and was ready to go to work.

He first used a pen, and drew the design onto my shoulder. Then he held up a couple of mirrors to let me view the work for the final approval

before the ink began to fly.

The drawing was an exact match to what I had given him. So, I just said...

Looks good! Let’s go for it!

Like if it was bad, I was gonna argue with this animal? He probably could’ve drawn a jackass on my shoulder, and I would’ve said

that it looked okay!

Man, I’m tellin’ ya, this was some nerve-racking stuff goin’ on here. And mind you, I was drop dead sober at the time! Fuck, I want a drink right this very second just reliving this nightmare... LoL

Anyway, he then put the pen down, and picked up the ink gun. And then...

Oh shit!
Fuck, that hurts man!


OMG... I'm such a fuckin' pussy!!!

Thank goodness, I would never see

these fuckin' people ever again in my life.

As sasquatch began the assault on my poor defenseless skin, I just couldn’t believe

how much it hurt.

Even that woman thing next to me getting the Mona Lisa of tattoo's scratched into her arm turned, and shot me a look as to say...

You little fucking pussy boy!
Get the fuck outta my sight,
before I swat you like a fly!

No, really, that’s what I got from the look she sent my way! Fuckin’ nasty thing, she was. I bet she had a bigger cock than I did between her woman thing legs. Oooo I hated that manly bitch. But, I was afraid of her even more, so I didn't say anything to her. Hey, she was mean,

so be quiet! LoL

And so like I said, I just kept my mouth shut and didn't send any malice in her direction. Hey, I could deal with being a big crybaby wallowing within a web of embarrassment. But, getting my ass kicked by a chick with a bigger dick than me, well, that would've been a tough one

to recover from. But I digress.

The assault on my shoulder continued. And really, I am such a pussy, because you should see the size of the tattoo. It’s tiny!


Five small letters,

with a heart dotting the “I”.

But it felt as though someone was slicing my shoulder open. Reaching in all the way to my balls, then pulling said balls right the fuck outta me with their bare hands.

I would rather go to the fuckin’ dentist then have another tattoo etched onto my body.

I once again turned to see what kind of stare I was getting from woman thing.

But, there was no disgusted stare this time.

No mean looking, hate my wimpy guts glare. Nope! Now, something even worse
was heading my way.

Now, there was just flat out laughter.

Fuck me, dude!
Flat out... fucking... frivolity!

I was being laughed at by something resembling swamp thing, for crap sake.

I was surprised that the damn ink had the nerve to leave the gun, and stick to her arm, that ugly muthafucka which that she was!! LoL

Oh my goodness I'm such an idiot.

Listen to me? Idiot.

By now, I had some water build up in my eyes.

I didn’t wanna well-up, but I couldn’t stop it.
Has that ever happened to you?

The ink gun was torture, man!

I didn’t wanna cry, but those fucking tears just started to build up. Fuck, if I only had a camera with me right then and there. That would have been the funniest photo of ALL time! No caption needed. Not one word would have to be written!

You would just need to see ugly woman thing looking at me and laughing hysterically while I just sat there swelling up like a tampon.

(This could very well be the greatest line I have ever
written in my entire fucking life thus far... LoL)
While sasquatch,
oblivious to everything around him,
just kept taking my tattoo virginity.
Funniest photo ever, no doubt!

Eventually though, the nightmare did end.

The ink was done, my pride was gone,
and I couldn’t get outta that fuckin' place
fast enough.

What an experience it was!

I walked out the door, leveled my thumb back out into the breeze, and headed back to the start.

Then I promptly made my way to the local bar and ordered up the, I’m a tough guy who just got himself a tattoo special! That would be a Budweiser, to you tattooless weenies.

Okay so, I may have shed a tear or two in the tattoo parlor, but hey, I did it didn't I? I actually went through with it and got a tattoo. And... it was probably the most, insignificant thing,

that I have ever done in my life!
Up to that point mind you.

Just another adventure to add

to the growing list.

Oh man, that woman thing was horrible.

She was actually laughing at me
right to my muthafucking face. LoL

Cold chills muthafucka, I get the cold chills

every time I think about that experience.

I'm welling up right now as a matter of fact!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Nektar... Recycled... Song of the Moment

Song of the Moment

I was only going to post the main portion of the song but... once I began listening I couldn't stop. And so the "song" of the moment has now become the "album" of the moment...
for the moment anyways... LoL

If you've never heard of them or have never listened to their music... go into it with an open mind. Forget about the fact that it was released back in 1970-fucking-5. Who gives a fuck! Good music knows no time barriers my friend.

If you're into Internet radio...
Then you have to download Spotify!
It's free, but you get commercials after
about 3 or 4 songs. Not bad, but in
my opinion still sucks!
So I pay $10 and change per month and
get NO commercials at all.

This service is way better than Pandora
or any other Internet radio because
you choose exactly what you want
to hear. Full albums, individual songs,
whatever! And you won't believe how
clear it sounds. I've heard lyrics and notes
to songs I've been listening to for
over 20, 30 years that I've never heard,
or understood before. Too cool!

You can listen to this album and their entire
catalog here instead of using the Youtube
links. You won't be disappointed!
I promise!
And yes, the check is in the mail.
And yes, I love you.
And yes, I respect you.
And of course yes,
I won't cum in your mouth!



Nektar Recycled album 1975

Words & music by Nektar

Roye Albrighton
Mick Brockett
Alan "Taff" Freeman
Ron Howden
Derek "Mo" Moore

The lyrics below came directly from
If you're into the band...
then go check it out.
You get ALL of their music and lyrics
just by joining the site... for free!

These guys are awesome!

Listen 'n learn youngsters.

Recycled (1975)
Recycled Part A. Recycle

call me down, the time is here
reminding you to slow the wheel
now, nearing the end of the day
look, never a moment too soon, or late

count the hours, the weeks, the days
forcing natures' slow decay
here, as we look down on you there
you, falling on into your web of despair

man! you had it all your own way
now, salvaging blocks of decay
clean the scene
change machines!

Recycled Part B. Cybernetic Consumption

Recycled Part C. Recycle Countdown

talk away, the die is cast
all the day, the reasons last
just look what is happening here
see, never a day without fear... it's here

calm me down, I have to share
before the world I stand declared
hear these words at the end of the day
come never a moment too soon, or late

man! you've had it all your own way
now, salvaging blocks of decay
clean the scene
change machines!

Recycled Part D. Automaton Horrorscope

"Webs of concrete, giving off waste dust that
marks the search of an age of a thousand vast
empires, sweeping away legends untold to
human ears. While shafts of steel clutch the
stars, natural supplies... once numerous...
now lapse into eerie silence. Recycled energy
becomes the only form of life, as it was, and
now new forms are moulded from patterns
already used in a struggle to survive!"

you had me thinking that I'd lost my mind
but no, it was you
thought you'd make it to a better time
'til now, but it's through
your castles made of sand
hold out your helpless hands
going down down down down down down down

they take it all, then take much more... today
no man could ever realize his mistakes
they'll help you one step down
sit back, and watch you drown
going down down down
going down down down down down down

Recylced Part E. Recycling

here, there, new wonders gently steal
disguise distorted like moonlit seas
and I see... you've taken all you need
queue up, don't fear
there's mans new fortune here... you hear

song-birds, recycling the same old tune
still you slave onwards, 'til all is used
but I'll see... you get the life you need
queue up, don't fear
it's the man who brought you here... you hear

Recycled Part F. Flight to Reality

you live in stainless forts
with glass walls around
fight against resources
with your head in the ground
a nations urgent need fulfills another's greed
going down down down down down down down

fly 'cross the concrete jungle
high in the clouds
looking up to crystal mountains
standing so proud
no need to wonder why, nature slowly dies
going down down down
going down down down down down down down

Recycled Part G. Unendless Imagination?

do you see?
do you see?
do you, do you see?
do you see?

do you see the ruins of a life
that's gone by?
built upon by burning towers
lighting the sky

imagine you're the prince of eagles
tears in your eyes
do you see there's not much time
before we go
down down... down down down down
going down... oh yeah
going down.......

Recycled Part H. São Paulo Sunrise

dream, away on the waves
using the money you've saved
our work is done, we'll bathe in the sun
gonna take a trip, let's fly down to Rio
some solitude is all that we need
deserted beach where the air is so free-o

Recycled Part I. Costa Del Sol

cares cast aside, see the seas calm and wide
small isle, virgin paradise
warm smiles, floating in the tides

find some desolate place
now it's out of the way
soon, through words passed by mouth
friends are crowding you out

same place, natures changed its face
warm smiles, stretching out for miles
searching in haste, finding refuge and waste

Recycled Part J. Marvellous Moses

never thought he'd ever get his metal boat
to fly in the air
Moses did it... with a string at each end
we nearly all died when he tugged and he sighed
saying "you are the fools"
Moses did it... with his hair tied to his shoes

come around here
they say you've got something to hide
I've never met a man like Moses
with so much time

Moses had a thought to put another hill on a mountain
Moses did it... with a spoon in each hand
to our surprise Moses closed up his eyes
saying "show me no rules"
Moses did it... with his arms tied to his side

came the great day Moses tried to drink a lake for a penny
Moses did it... oh man, he looked heavy
he walked around all day, saying
"I've got so much pain, give me a shove"
Moses did it... tourist attraction!

Recycled Part K. It's All Over

come tomorrow
I'm going to be the one that
you will follow
your world is so upside down
'cause it's all over now

take the high road
and you'll take the low one
see it all through those passing hours
these moments seem so inside out
it's all over now
it's all over!

see the daytime, you've seen the darkness
I'm torn apart through those many changes
a feeling that you'll understand
it's all over now

see me walking and hear me talking
I'll guide you all through those endless ages
your world was so upside down
but it's all over now
it's all over

a feeling that you'll understand
it's all over