Sunday, May 14, 2017

Words From The Attic... Soon

A "coming home to you" ode.

When the fuck am I ever gonna
make it home to this chick huh??

It's okay.
I mean I didn't wanna
delete it or anything like that.

Just 1 thumb up for this one.
Although there were a few
really good lines here.


I'm almost there to show you
What you want to see
And you know that I won't snow you
I only have what you need

Come listen
And learn
About your fellow man
He's coming
To a turn
So you can understand

I've been around
I'm up
Even down
But whenever I feel
Your simple touch
I can hear that loving sound

Come early morning dew's
In garden's full of dreams
It's making waking up to you
What loving really means

Squeeze me
Tease me
Smile alongside my side
Give me the power
To endure this day
And give me your strength
In every way


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