Sunday, February 26, 2017

Words From The Attic... Everlasting Love

Wow... i loved this one!

I didn't want it to end.
I wasn't sure where the heck
it was leading me,
or how it was going to end???

Did she just leave... alive?
Or did she die??

Why would I want my love
for her to
"forever grow"
if she just left,
moving on with her life??

Everlasting Love

I always find myself
Looking back for you
But something in my heart
It tells me no
The good times that we've had
Are much more than a few
Like drinking wine
And caressing in the snow

But sometimes
When we touched
I could feel your body say
That baby please
Please understand
That one day I must go away

It was a feeling I had
Deep inside
Something your body
Just couldn't hide

We've played out our turn
And it was nothing but fun
Because neither of us lost
You know we both won

Walk on... love
While I cry a tear
And ask my god
To lend an ear

Now memories of her
Are all I have
Will you keep her warm
As she's kept me
And maybe god
Could you make it snow
So my memories of her will linger on
And my love for her
Will forever grow

Everlasting Love

Words From The Attic... First Blood

The movie "First Blood"
with Sylvester Stallone
had a huge impact on me.
And yes I know it was a corny...
over the top
post Vietnam War scenario...
but put aside all of the silliness
and pull back the curtain just a bit.

You just know that there were and... are thousands of guys
who came back and went through the very same shit that
John Rambo went through.

So many of them came across
that fucked up...
condescending asshole of a sheriff.
You just know they did!

I had it pretty good
because of the time I was born.
The only worry I had growing
up was trying to find a deli
that would sell me beer,
and trying to kiss a pretty girl...
and not dodge a fucking draft
which in most cases led
to a shallow grave, if any,
in a foreign land.
Gimmie the beer...
and the kiss...
any fucking day.

Love all of the "First Blood" movies.
But the first one...
was by far the best.

First Blood

Feeling a chill
That runs through the bone
Shuffling feet
You're all alone

But then wait
You're at war with the world
Survival of the fittest
Is the name of the game
You heard it many times
But it's all the same

Just you
But what did I do
Just you
Come on
Gimme a clue

Misfit Joe
From the other side
Comes back home
Figured out their lies

Feeling that chill
Again in his bones
But this time baby
I ain't alone

I'm a time bomb
Set to go off
If you trip my alarm

I had to prove to myself
I'm the fucking best
You wanna try me out
You're gonna die like the rest

Leave me alone
I didn't do nothing to you
I only wanna see my dreams
Come true

I used to have a lot of them
You know I really did
I used to have so many
When I was a kid

But then I grew up fast
And I grew up hard
You said be a soldier
Or else be barred

So I did
I was the fucking best
And now you hunt me down
For resisting arrest

It won't work
Survive this man
Why do you do this to me
I do not understand

Survive me
Try me
Push me to the end
You American people
Don't need to pretend

Your dirty work is done
I am the fool
Bury me in the dust
Dig me up one day
I might be a jewel

First Blood

Words From The Attic... Seasons Of Love

Some nice imagery...
and again...
I end up with the chick... LoL

Seasons Of Love

Willow tree
On a lime green lawn
Sparkles with life
At the crack of dawn

Open the blinds
And a new day come
And open your mind
To everyone

You can feel the power
The will to live
The will to love
The right to give

Rise my pretty
You glisten with light
Like a man on the run
Or a friend in need
You are my strength
Such a healthy sight

Sun grows weary
Orange and red
Now close the blinds
And rest your mind
And remember those things
That you said

Come today
Come tomorrow
Comes a day
A need to borrow

My love is yours
It's always there
It's there for you
And you alone
To lose your love
I wouldn't dare
To me your love
Is just too rare

Because of sweetness
Never untrue
I'm yours forever
I love you

Seasons Of Love

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Words From The Attic... For The Doors

Found another "doors"
themed anthem!

Wrote this post boot camp
while I was attending navy
Avionics school in
Millington, Tennessee.
The armpit of the universe... LoL
If you wanna read about it

Looks like I penned this piece
on the inside cover of one
of my study guides from school.

And oh...
it's short... and... real.
I like it

For The Doors

Magical mystery
And words of thought
Listen to the words
And you'll be caught

To criticize
What you don't understand
Is simply being a normal man

Open your eyes to the wisdom abroad
The achievements you make
Will be deeply adored

Your mind was meant
To see all that lives
So take in life
And all it gives

                                                      tommy mondello '82

For The Doors
Student study guide poem was written on... For The Doors

Words From The Attic... Ready - Set - Go!

Seems the original title
for this one was
Go For It!
But somewhere along the way
I changed it to
Ready Set Go!

Oh well...
either way, in my opinion...
the BOTH suck as titles... LoL

It's a  simple ramble
about trying to enjoy this life
and not getting lost
in the usual
muddling and morning
that follows a persons passing.

Lemme tell ya though,
I'm finding that talk very very difficult to walk,
after we lost our dad
in May of 2016.
Not too many smiles I can tell you!


Ready - Set - Go!

Live while you can
It's not too soon
Lets love the sun
And rape the moon

There is no time for the headaches
Or the grudges that we hold
Lets run barefoot in the rain
And forget the cold

Lets swim the river
And walk the sea
Open your eyes to curiosity

It's you and me
And him and her
But when it's time to go
And I must die
I want to see a smile
On your face
It's for my last goodbye

For that smile means
That we all had fun
Without a smile on your face
It means that we've had none

                                              tommy mondello '82

Ready - Set - Go!

Words From The Attic... Pink Floyd Can Soothe

A little spooky...
but I like it!!

I know there have been many times,
not always, but just about...
that I end up writing something
that has absoluetly nothing to do
with the way I'm feeling,
or how my life is going at the time.

It's wired...
but I can remember writing about
some sad or scary shit, when I
was feeling on top of the world.
That happened a lot.

I've written when I was fucked up emotionally as well...
but mostly when I was okay
with things.

I wonder if real writers have it
happen this way with them??
Hmmmm... I wonder?

Anyways... I love the line...
"fighting off the hungry cold"
gives me a fucking chill
just reading that.

And yes...

Pink Floyd... Dark Side Of The Moon

Pink Floyd Can Soothe

Soft lights in a neon ski
Open up to you
I want a woman to love
And I think it's you
Only thing I'm thinking
Is it you... who's true

What a drag it is here all alone
With my brain on hold
Spending those nights in a single bed
Fighting off the hungry cold

Would you like to run
Within the sun
And see your endless dream
Or perhaps the one
Is a loaded gun
Heading straight up
Heaven's stream

A little bit of time
And a little bit more
Is at bat now
And about to score
Erase this time
Of lonesome plight
And fill my eyes
With sculptured delight

Because I think
Well... I'm sure
You could deliver
The answer to my question
And end my nights
Of empty shiver

Time again has followed me

Pink Floyd Can Soothe

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Words From The Attic... Not A Frown In Sight

Blah... blah... blah...

Although I really liked
a few of the verses very much!

But if I read one more rhyme
I may leap off the fuckin' bridge...

Not A Frown In Sight

I hear the silence
So soft and warm
Lying next to me
Like a gentle storm

Slowly caressing
And touching you so
I hear your feelings
Warmly grow

Creating a world
Both you and me
Run away from it all
A time to be free

There's room for problems and for pain
But we all need time to forget about that
And when we're in our world... it never rains
Just lots of lust... that always connects

Sometimes people need people
To escape for a while
It helps to bring back
That bright little smile

Together we're fun
Forget all the rest
Our own little world
Is by far the best

Our world is short
Our world is sweet
But when we're in it
The love we share
Just can't be beat

Everyone needs warmth
And a time for thought
And our world holds all of this
Much more than riches
Just can't be bought
A world of love
We're living in bliss

Not A Frown In Sight