Sunday, December 4, 2016

30 Years

I wrote this for my friends
Joey & Carmen (Delia)
for their 2015 Christmas gathering.
Which also happened to be their 30th
year together as a couple.

Yes... I actually wore a suit.
And as I arrived through the hall doors,
Joey promptly walked up to greet me
straighten my fuckin' tie... LoL

It was a really fun time as the night ended with the entire room encircling the family... singing along to an emotional Billy Joel... "Sing us a song you're the piano man...
Sing us a song tonight.
Well we're all in the mood for a melody...
And you got us feelin' alright!"

--- The pink is Delia talking ---
--- The blue is Joey talking ---
--- The black is both talking together ---

30 Years

To my dearest Joseph... you are my husband
To my dearest Delia... you are my wife
Together we've lived... together we've loved
Together we've given each other... such a wonderful life

Just look at us now surrounded by family...
embraced by friends
We're 30 years now from the start
Can either one of us have ever envisioned such fulfillment
Our hearts are warmly melting from an abundance of love
In God we trust... that it never ends

I have to say Delia...
I never thought I would ever find true direction
and consoling comfort
And within you my Joseph...
I have found my protector... my warmth
Only one word... one emotion...
Can ever tell the tale of us...
and that is of course... triumphant

30 years
Yes 30 wonderful years have brought us to this point
We've had our hands full at times
Yes but somehow we've always managed
to find those rhymes
Those rhymes just beyond our sight

I can honestly say my Joseph
And I can honestly say my Delia
That having you...
And also you...
In my life has been such a miracle... simply a blessing
And without hesitation I say to you
That every second together you have truly been
My shinning star... my inner strength
Always and forever... my guiding light...

I love you

30 Years being born
30 Years being born

30 Years all grown up... color fonts included... :)

Joey Marsh... The Nucleus

Found a bunch of things I wrote over the years and just wanted to post a few.
This one here, I wrote for a friends 40th surprise birthday back in 2001.
We're still friends after so many years.
And if I'm not mistaken, the last time we hungout was after playing golf this past summer 2016. We drank tons of sangria while THE WHO's Quadrophenia was
filling up the entire restaurant...
too fuckin' cool!

Joey Marsh... The Nucleus

From the beginning it's been this way
And from the beginning it's been our pleasure
To hangout with you from day to day
And gather up memories...
That we will always treasure

It's weird...
But somehow it seems that when you're there
That we're okay...
And a reassuring calmness appears
From stickball to Strat-o-matic to drinking beers
If Joey Marsh walked in...
Out the door went any fears

Somehow you have the ability to make us all feel safe
I can't explain it...
You represent where we all came from
And I know you don't even realize that it is this way
But just ask any one of us about these thoughts
And I'll guarantee that they would agree...
With what I say

40 years have now passed by
And friendships are still alive
While the nucleus that you are continues to glow
It's a proven fact that you'll soon witness...
When you arrive
As you walk through those doors
Watch our camaraderie grow

Believe me when I say that you are special in some way
And that I'm speaking here for us all
Be it just hanging out or on the field of play
You being here with us... softens any fall

Daltrey screams what Townshend creates...
"How many friends have I really got"
While Entwistle glances up at the Moon above
Their music has always helped us express our feelings
Enough for us to say to you...
That you truly do
Have all of our love

Happy birthday Joe
The kids are still... alright!
Love... all of us

Joey Marsh... The Nucleus

Saturday, December 3, 2016

3 seconds... maybe 4

Man... I just keep finding so much depth
inside a single breath!
This time it hit me while I was sitting
on the beach down the shore
in Spring Lake, New jersey.
It was just beyond the throng
of Labor Day beach-going mayhem.
So I actually had room... to breathe!
Here goes...

3 seconds... maybe 4

Sit upon the sand... take a breath... inhale
Fill your lungs with potential
Reach that point of full capacity... 3 seconds... maybe 4
Then begin from the very top of your... head
And slowly commence... ever so slowly... deeply... to exhale
This is where you can find... you... your home
Yet another chance to start a new
Before you lies... yet another... welcoming opened door

As you release
Feel the Tension & Anxiety simply liquify
And drain from your body right down through your feet
Absorbed into the billions of thirsty... thankful... grains of sand

Exhale... release
Sense that line of T & A descending down within you... leaving you
Reaching your neck... chest... waist... your legs
Until the line of T & A is gone... completely... gone

Don't move... 3 seconds... maybe 4
Do you feel your life once again awaken inside of you
Go ahead and smile at the site of that wonderful...
Welcoming opened door
You've earned the moment for sure

The calm... the precious... most precious calm
This is... you
This is... home

Dont'choo dare inhale... replenish... no not yet
Eyes remain closed... lids softly touching
Calmness... well... that full throttled calmness continues...
Wide open within you
This is how you can feel... for the rest of your life...
If you choose to

That exhale... that release...
That life restoring negative energy... released
Is easily the thing I most look forward to
And at times... is simply the one constant in my life
And the reason for that wonderful welcoming door
To remain opened... unlocked
Without a doubt... my exhales... my release... my breath...
Not only awakens me... but...
Also doubles as my very own personal...
Wooden wedged-like doorstop

I wish I never had to breathe again
And lose this weightless freedom... but hold on...

Perhaps instead of just digesting yet another meaning-less...
Empty breath
But a pathway towards oxygenating a hungry flow
Of red and white cells
I transform every single one... every... single... one
Into this freedom
A natural and most effective defense to battle back...
And even attack
The daily pitfalls in which we encounter... aka...
The dreaded and uninvited... T & A

One after another... and another... go ahead take another...
Meaning-ful... breath
This could quit possibly transform... so effortlessly
Your entire... length of stay

Okay now... take that next breath... 3 seconds... maybe 4
Will it lead you towards a glorious calm
Or will it send you back out into a raging... relentless...
T & A storm

Meaning-less... or... meaning-ful... the choice is yours

3 Seconds Maybe 4 coming to life
3 Seconds Maybe 4 coming to life

3 Seconds Maybe 4 fully grown
3 Seconds Maybe 4 fully grown
3 Seconds Maybe 4 fully grown

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Favorite Quotes... Johnny Carson said this...

I had such a huge laugh the other day
when I read something that was said
by none other than
"The King of Late Night"...

The one and only "King of Late Night"... Johnny Carson

He said... and I quote...

"If life were fair...
Elvis would be alive
and all the impersonators
would be dead!"

How fuckin' funny is that!

But of course as we all know,
this life is anything but fair
and instead of still being able
to embrace this...

We get to fantasize through this...

Johnny Carson