Friday, April 17, 2020

Bruce Springsteen... Springsteen on Broadway... Song of the Moment

Song of the Moment

Once again...
this entry is not a song
but truly...
an "album"
of the moment!!

And what a moment this was... for me,
when I finally found myself
sitting in front of my pc...
gleefully smiling...
at that beautiful green "Spotify" symbol.

Spotify Internet radio logo

with one click
I was face-to-face with Bruce...
with his past
with my past
with his present
with my present
I was with...

Springsteen on Broadway

Kerr Theatre... Springsteen On Broadway... New York City
Springsteen On Broadway

I was face-to-face with...
The Boss!
Bruce Springsteen on stage at the Kerr Theatre in New York City

The very second I clicked on
the introduction to
Growin' up
I was instantly whisked away
from the comfort of my pc chair...
and set upon a journey
THE journey
MY journey
MY life's journey...
while listening to his...
HIS... journey!

muthafucking WOW!

Fortunately I was lucky enough
to finally find myself with Bruce...
and this moment...
at the perfect tick... in time!

I really don't think that this experience
would have hit me as powerfully as it has
if I had come across this moment
at any other tick
of that relentless reality... time.

This album was released
back in 2018 while Bruce
was standing on stage before
a sold out theatre
night after night
creating a journey
for the audience.

But my journey...

didn't commence until
Friday April 17, 2020...
while sitting at home... alone...
during the unbelievable... yet real...
Coronavirus outbreak.

You see...

I began watching a movie.
A true story.
One that I was totally unaware of...
until today.

The movie was called
Blinded by the Light

Blinded by the Light movie poster

The movie was really good

and a must see for everyone.
Especially if you're a Bruce fan!
By the end credits
tears were flowing down my cheeks... LoL
I shit you not!

Happy tears
Sad tears
Regretful tears
Sympathetic tears
Pissed off tears
Hopeful tears
Wondrous tears
Childish tears
Hollow tears
back to...
HAPPY tears!!!

A muthafucking emotional
roller coaster... for sure!!

And this ALL happened...
before the sangria came out!!

my friends and I weren't the over-the-top
Springsteen fans while growing up.
We were mostly
Black Sabbath
The Who
The Doors
Pink Floyd
Jethro Tull
and so on...

HE... was always there.
And some of his songs
have been forever connected
to some of THE most
emotionally challenging
wonderfully challenging

Just like I'm sure YOU...
are somehow connected
to him...
through his words!
His incredible lyrics!

I sat through that movie
then listened to that album
and was emotionally drained
as the final applause faded.

I pretty much just re-lived
every extreme moment
in my silly life!

From the Wonderful
to the
and every other one of them inbetween.
While Bruce was on stage
living through his.

Too... fucking... cool!!

Your own life
your own mortality... man...
are such incredible things...
such wacky and weird thing's
to contemplate.

The questions...
the fucking questions... LoL

How did I get here?
How did I become 59 years old?
How did I do this...
How did I do that...
How did I...
How did I...
How did I...
How did I...

And then comes the grandest
questions of all...


Oh fuck... here we go dude!

And then finally
all of the emotions inside of me
that completely blew up...

the good ones
the bad...

... came to a calm.
A beautiful... silent... calm.

And I sat there
within full circle
right back at the very tick in time
in which I set fourth
upon this journey's on set...
consumed by
that thing that has been
such a wonderful...
lifelong companion...

... I was once again
consumed by that
silly... gleeful... smile!

How fucking cool... again!
Man... what a day this has been.
I think it's time to break out
the Carlo Rossi.

Cheers muthafucka's... cheers!

Springsteen on Broadway at the Kerr Theatre New York City 2018
Springsteen on Broadway at the Kerr Theatre New York City 2018
Springsteen on Broadway at the Kerr Theatre New York City 2018
Springsteen on Broadway at the Kerr Theatre New York City 2018
Springsteen on Broadway at the Kerr Theatre New York City 2018
Springsteen on Broadway at the Kerr Theatre New York City 2018