Saturday, May 20, 2017

Words From The Attic... Something To Think About

I wrote this in 1981 when I was 20.
I must have been having
a bad week or something
and needed to vent.

Not really a poem...
sounds like I just needed to spew.
And so I pulled out my trusty pen...

and bled my ink onto the page.

I wonder if it made me feel any better,
I can't remember.

I sort of like what I just read.

Something To Think About

People that defend
Well maybe
They'll learn in the end

Why they seem so tough
Up until
You call their bluff

How did they survive
For so long
Are they still here

People who don't know
The meaning of life
Does it make you mad
As it does me

It took me 20 years
To find it's meaning
But now that I have
I plan on taking full advantage
Of it

My meaning is not
Can not
Be the same as yours
But when you feel it
You will know it
And I think I feel it

Fuck everybody who thinks
You're different
Or just too

I love to wear something
Out of the ordinary
I watch all the people look at me
Some laugh
But some stop
And wonder

The one's who laugh
Some are true
But some
Are not

I know it
I just do
They are hiding something

They just don't have
The fucking balls
To do it
They must defend that

Why should you give a shit
What someone else
Thinks of you
If it makes you happy
Then do it

People are such assholes
I know
And you know it

Some people need Sassoon
Some need themselves
That's the people
Who are more down to earth
Of the time

Why did god put us here
To impress other people

Give me a break
He wants us to be happy
But it's up to us

If you want to be plastic
That's alright with me
But don't try to change me
Or criticize me
With that shit

You have your opinion
I've got mine
I'd rather live trying to please myself
Then that guy or girl over there

You don't like me
The way I dress
The way I act
Tough shit
Go fuck yourself

I will change for no one
But me

I'm only 20
But I've made some
Stupid mistakes

I'm only glad
I had someone to turn to
And tell me
Where I was fucking up

No answers
Just made me aware of what the hell
Went down

Live your life
At your very own pace
And fuck the rest
'Cause life ain't a race

It's heaven or hell
And it's up to you
And that my friend
Is the only clue

Good luck
And please be happy

Something To Think About
Something To Think About

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