Saturday, May 20, 2017

Words From The Attic... Social Misfit

saying goodbye to the person
you love is never easy... is it!!

I think I'm still...
a muthafuckin'...
social misfit!

2 thumbs up for sure.
Fantastic work...
in my opinion at least... LoL

Social Misfit

This is a letter to my company
Can you please understand
What I'm going through
God it ain't easy

Face to face would be impossible
Because I know I'm doing you wrong
I need to leave without compromise
Even though
This could be
Where I belong

Each word I write
Brings twice the tears
Please forgive my fragile mood
You've been so graceful all these years
Every morning
Eyes of blue

But I must leave
To protect you love
I can neither laugh
Nor cry
Because I
Just can't come to an answer
To the question

Enjoy your life
And don't do wrong
Running is not the answer
I know
But it's where I do


Social Misfit

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