Thursday, May 11, 2017

Words From The Attic... Aloud To Dream

I don't even know what the fuck
I just read... but I love it... lol

Falling in love
is just so neat...
isn't it!!

Aloud To Dream

Sometimes things that happen
Are really just meant to be
People who meet
Become complete
When both are given
A way to see

Events of life
Happen everyday
So many of them
Will bring belief
In every way
That love itself
Is heaven sent

Beautiful reasons
Of why we are here
Can be seen
Everywhere we go
In the faces of people
In every tear
Form the sun's bright shine
To the tree's below

Follow in stride
With the cycle of love
Never afraid
To be a pretender
And willingness
To accept a dream
Can keep you ahead
And never
In between

Dream on

Aloud To Dream

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