Sunday, April 30, 2017

Words From The Attic... Green Light

Anthony Robbin's returns!!!

Oh yeah!


Green Light

Being away
From all that you know
Can be kinda hard...
Pain and woe

When something goes wrong
Here comes the end
Gather your thoughts
And calm your mind
And the wrongs you have
Will start to mend

Green Light

Words From The Attic... Always You

I can't wait to feel like this...

Absolutely love this one.

Yeah... I know,
it's very simple,
not sophisticated at all,
but it moves you man.
It fucking moves you!

We can't ALL be Dylan Thomas
or Edgar Allen Poe... okay!

Always You

To love a person
Is a special thing
It's beautifully worn
With much to bring

When the sparkle of her eye's
Catch your dream
And you both become
An unbeatable team

Your life is complete
When she's by your side
Free of fear
With lots of smiles
With a love that stretches

Fill my senses
With nothing but you
And I'll live forever
With a strength unreal
And getting stronger
With all you do

You are my life
And I love you so
With a soft snowy glow

My soft little girl
Live in me
Where the warmth
And affection
Comes naturally

Love's the thing
That's in my heart
And love's the thing
That I feel for you
And I knew it was
Right from the very start

Always You

Words From The Attic... All Should Be ---

they make the world go 'round...
don't you agree!

All Should Be ---

This is for you
For the smile you hold
Incredibly bright
What a perfect mold

You know the world
It's the way to be
You're a free spirit girl
Now turn the key

All Should Be ---

Words From The Attic... Focus

Lovin' this one!

Which way... do they go?


Someone I see beyond my sight
Is looking down upon my life
With eyes so blue
And dark
And deep
But when I look up to capture them
This pair of blue
They start to weep

I wonder
I try
To figure out why

Just why this pair
So bright
And real
Has sunken down
To a depth so far
Just what's the matter
What do they feel

I will call you bright eyes
Despite the flow
The tears you shed
Are they good
Or bad
Which way
Do they go

My baby blue
My shimmering light
The tears you cry
Have reached my heart
And your pair of eyes
Are now in sight

Dry them now
And dry your fear
Because there's a heart that's full
And ready to love
And that heart you see
Is very near

Baby blue
Baby blue
What did you do
Trust in yourself
Trust is the key
Trust in your feel
Just what do you see...


Words From The Attic... Fighting Back

Looks like I was giving myself
one of those reassuring moments.

Nothing like a positive group of words
that somehow land upon a page...
words that began as a simple thought.
Then turned to ink.

Pretty cool right?!

Fighting Back

As a winter chill ignites outside
Confusion sets in
So you run
And you hide

Lying here with pen in hand
And thinking of things
To understand

I challenge the chill
And confusion out there
With a calmness and comfort
Beyond compare

And the feeling in me
Is that I can win
With a little smarts
And some planning ahead
The chances I have
Are a lot more...
Than thin

Fighting Back

Words From The Attic... Magic Skies

The sky really is magical at times isn't it!

Magic Skies

Tonight I walked and I strolled along
Remembering distant memories
And humming a little song

The sun up high had begun to fall
And the first star tonight
She was standing tall

And I made a wish upon this star
I wished that I was
Where ever you are

Then it caught my eye
It was glowing so bright
The moon was full
Cutting through the night

A shiver of life ran up my spine
Like there was someone out there
Giving a sign

I stopped my walk
And I looked at the sky
A heaven so great
That you live...
When you die

The freedom up there
And the pure silky feel
Could there be such a place
Could it really be real

When I take your hand
And we walk in the night
The moon is so soft
And the stars make it right

So if you need a smile
Look up to the clouds
You'll feel so good
Get away from the crowds

The sun has arrived
It's another day
So enjoy yourself
And smile away

Magic Skies

Words From The Attic... Untitled

This has to be something I
wrote just after I left the navy
in 1984.

I remember it was a really
weird thing to come back to
the old neighborhood.

It took a bit to get readjusted.
I have no idea.
I wasn't away for very long but,
I guess long enough.

I liked every word.
Too bad I never gave it a title.


Today the plans changed
And I read many things
That had no meaning
But yet
They had meaning

Standing in front of what appears
To be a game
And me
With quarter in hand
My brain is watching out
For me

Sometimes a coffee break
Has me standing there alone
It's kinda funny
How long your quarter lasts

Coming home to american ways is so great
Until... you get there
Always looking for something different
Is anybody really satisfied
With where and why they are

Of course the answer is yes
And me
Well I'm not really too far behind
In finding where I'm at

Never count on plans
Because plans count on you

Remembered success
Is hard to find
Unspoiled happiness
Is where it's at
Help me find it
And we could forever
Touch each other's souls


Words From The Attic... Worth It

Another ode to Margaret
while I was in boot camp!

You remember,
the girl I was with right before
I shipped out for boot.

Bottom line...
She was a very very cool chick
and me
I was a total... dick!

So funny how something that
happened so long ago remains in your mind.

I really like this one.

Worth It

A soft little girl
And she's just for me
And a love that is there
And just waiting to be

I'm writing this poem
To make you smile
To keep you warm
For a little while

Our love that we have
Is a Christmas dream
It's true
It's strong
Like a winning team

I thank you my love
For your understanding
You're always giving
And never demanding

Margaret my dear
It's Christmas time
A time for giving
And a time for rhyme

So smile my love
And enjoy what you do
And remember my love
That I love you

Worth It

Words From The Attic... A Baby's Point Of View

Something silly that looks like
I even had crossed out,
ready to be tossed,
but kept it for some reason.

I'm glad I did!

A Baby's Point Of View

Completely aware
Of what surrounds
The oddball clutz
And freaky sounds

Swollen cheek
Need no more pinch
A piece of candy
Some more milk
It's nothing but...
A cinch

A Baby's Point Of View

Words From The Attic... Wish

A true blue mushy mess!

But it's impossible not to like it.
Just read it slow
and the rhyming motion
doesn't overtake the calming flow...
as much.


Wide awake as the morning sun
And glowing bright
You're my only one

Like the stars at night
Make a wonderful sky
It's your beautiful ways
That have caught my eye

Carry me home
And together we'll give
Let's cuddle up tight
Let's start to live

Can you live your life
Without a care
Because it's love and laughter
That I want to share

There's a whispering voice
From high up above
And it's reaching my dreams
My dreams of love

And it's you my love
That surrounds my mind
When I open my eyes
Is it you I'll find


Words From The Attic... Fire For All

I wish I knew
what was on my mind
when I penned this...
because I'm loving it!

not of pain
salted wounds.

Such a combination...

Fire For All

Reach inside your vibrant self
And share your strength
And your wealth
With all the people who worship you
On grounds they know little about

Reach into the fire
And scream out loud
But not of pain
Or salted wounds
But for why you did it
And for whom

Fire For All