Saturday, May 20, 2017

Words From The Attic... A Spewing Mind

This has Jim Morrison's fingerprints
ALL over it.

Not really sure what it means but,
I kinda enjoyed reading my spewing.

A Spewing Mind

Racing along the sand
The cold wet substance between your toes
Feels like victory
In a summer rain

The sun it shines
In the eyes who see
While darkness appears at the bottom

Give us your wisdom and set me free
Darkened skin
And burning roots
Blood flows like the wine
The new wine
Dying on the vine

Perhaps maybe
The girls they know
Understand the thoughts
And understand the pure stupidity
I don't think you can

Moving so fast
Run so fast
That none could catch

Experience your decision to stay
If you must
For you over there
Follow me
We can't turn back now
He waits for us
Our friend

A Spewing Mind

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