Monday, March 27, 2017

Words From The Attic... Simply --- I Love You

This one has navy boot camp days
written all over it... lol
Short, sweet and, well...
pretty horrible.

love that last verse!

Simply --- I Love You

I see a smile behind that frown
What's the matter babe
Did you lose your crown

Remember that day last week
When we went down to the park
We had just a bit of wine
Enough to make us feel so fine
And we walked along the lake

I told you things about myself you never knew
And you told me things you felt so real... about you

Again and again I need you girl
To fulfill my life
And forever... fill my world

Stay with me and love a life
A life of love that I'll always give
Inside of you... I want to live

Simply --- I Love You

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Words From The Attic... Give It All Up For You

Love the ending.
That last verse...
fuckin' soothes me man... it does!

And yes...
it is quite possible that
I stole "neon nights"
from Black Sabbath's
1980 monster album release
Heaven And Hell...
when Ronnie James Dio
howls out "Neon Knights".

I'm sure he...
planted that word flow
in my empty, thieving head.

Long live Rock 'n Roll...
Long live...
Ronnie James Dio

Give It All Up For You

Ride a star into the city
Pass the lights
The neon nights
Into a place that shows no pity

Be daring for a night
And follow me inside
Completely blind
From everyone else
Just hold on tight
And I'll be your guide

You don't feel comfortable in here
Well I don't blame you babe
Come on love
Lets make some other fun
This crazy thing here
We'll have to save

How come whatever you say
Well it just always sounds so good
I think we were just born to always be
And if I could do anything to reassure that
I'd just give it all up for you
I really would

Love me the way
That I love you
And together...
We will always be

Give It All Up For You

Words From The Attic... Still Special

Aaa... the one that got away!

Can't remember if I wrote this
because it actually happened to me or not.
Although I was a big mushy mess
as far as chicks and girlfriends... LoL

I fall in love WAY too easily,
so this could very easily be me
pouring out my heart... for real.

But I'm sure there's tons
of guys that went through
shit like this with
matter's of the heart.

What the fuck is wrong with us huh??

So many times I truly wished that
I was a scumbag...
and didn't give a shit
about anyone else's feelings
but my own. But if you're not
wired to be that heartless scumbag...
then it's just impossible to become it.

And yes... I tried to do just that.
Lasted 3 weeks... and I was the most
miserable muthafucka on the
face of this planet.

So here's to being a nice guy...
and yes, we do... finish last... lol
A lot!

Still Special

I get a feeling in my heart
Every time I think of you
Anticipation... perhaps frustration
I don't know which is true

But the time we split
Went our separate wayz
Oh so long ago
Has turned my dayz
To a misty haze
I promised it wouldn't show

But as I look around
At the girls in town
It makes me wonder even more
Exactly what did I do
I let my guard down
As you strolled on out the door

Many a time
I've been thinking of you
And wondering how you've been
Because many a time
When the skies were blue
I held memories of you within

I get that feeling
Again and again
It's like a dog left out in the rain
And I want so much
To pick up my pen
And soothe that hollow pain

You are the one
The one you are
That my thoughts are all about
Stardust memories
A bit too far
Sometimes they make me shout

One day soon
We'll meet again
In the middle of Central Park
I'll say to you
How have you been
You'll say to me...

Still Special

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Words From The Attic... Smile Ya Little Smile

I moved out of mom & dad's house
when I was 19... sometime during 1980.
Did a lot of writing on those nights I
decided to hang by myself instead of
joining up with the crew and having
our usual great time.

This one feels as though it was written during this time
Title sucks... again!
But I like it nonetheless.

And yes... of course I stole the line
"I've got some news for you sunshine"
from Roger Water's and Pink Floyd's incredible 1979 release... The Wall!
Just left out the word "bad".
But fuck yeah I stole that shit!
Wouldn't you!!??

Smile Ya Little Smile

And then I said... what have I done
I've lived my life so carelessly
And never shared my love... with anyone

So you say you're waiting for the right time
When there's bells in your head
And your words simply rhyme

I've got some news for you sunshine
You ought to hear me out
There's millions of people out there
Just needing a smile
And whose heads are full of doubt

Each day you hold it in...
Is simply an hour for sorrow
While maybe you say another day
But for some without a smile
There may not be another... tomorrow

Just do it...
And don't look for nothing in return
Just watch the beauty of a child
And watch yourself... begin to learn

Mom and dad are so cool
And boy they put up with a lot of shit
You say you love them a bunch
But can they tell
Do you really show it

Go ahead...
Revolve your world around other's
From strangers... to lovers
And back... to brothers

For when they're gone
It's too late
So while they're here
Go ahead...
Don't wait

Smile Ya Little Smile

Words From The Attic... Blind

Starts of very strong...
but only to end in a whimper.
Too bad.
"This person here really does care"...
get the fuck outta here
with that fuckin' line will ya.
That line soured the good taste
I had in my mouth while reading... LoL

The word "dreary" was
crossed out, but I chose
to leave it in.
It's all about word flow!

Has it's good points,
and I'm liking it... mostly.


Stormy weather approaches tonight
Electric love fills the skies
The woman you love... so pure and white
Ignites your life... as she opens her eyes

The eyes of Venus
No they're more than that
Shimmering lasers that tear you apart
And seek you out... where ever you're at

The eyes of lust of which you feed
Are the eyes of love... of which you need

Soothing the soars of everyday pains
Mending the bruises that irritate you
And keeping you dry... from the cold icy rains

Yes these eyes...
That guide and conquer you
They reveal your mood
And take away the dreary blue

They keep you going on days of doubt
They are the power that keep you strong
Yes this pair of eyes your love possess
They are on your side
And can do no wrong

These eyes of hers... oh what a pair
I love the girl who's behind them so
And I want her to know
That this person here
Really does care


Words From The Attic... Back To Basic's

I'm guessing I tried to put myself
inside the head of a 9 year old
when I wrote this one.

Can't believe the kid said
"fuck off"... LoL

Cool message though.
Something you tree hugging
environmentalist wacko's
could connect with.
Except for the glove and bat...
of course!

Back To Basic's

Living a life
A boyhood dream
Getting in fights with Jimmy next door
Then stuffing your face
With chocolate ice-cream

Not a worry in the world
Nor even a care
Just gimmie my glove
And my baseball bat
And my favorite hat
That I love to wear

That's all I ask
As a kid that is
Just leave me alone
With your wars and stuff
And as for school
No... I ain't no wiz

So why dont'cha's all just fuck off now
I'm a normal kid
Who wants to grow up slow
So take all your chemicals and shit like that
Because I'm 9 years old
And I don't wanna glow

Back To Basic's

Friday, March 24, 2017

Words From The Attic... Set Me Free --- Fly With Me

Oh no...
that's right...
I just found another one
about my favorite Brit... Julie!
You remember...
the girl I met while in the navy!

this girl must have been something else.
I think this is like the 5th fuckin'
poem that I wrote about her... LoL

Doesn't get old though...
No matter how silly it all seems
at this point...
they still make me smile
when I look back on it all.

Fuckin' memories man...
fuckin' memories!
Too cool.

Set Me Free --- Fly With Me

Living high
Feeling free
It's just impossible now to ever be down
Meeting you
Though maybe it didn't show
Has touched something inside of me
That's making me glow

It would be fine to live
To love
And just hold onto you
Throughout the good
There's never bad
And when you're sick
I will be there to comfort you

Lately you know
I'm walking around
And feeling totally great
And no...
I'm sure it's not something I ate

It's you Julie
Maybe it's not right
Two days isn't long
But I've been thinking of you
Without a fight
And feeling that maybe
I do belong

I do want to hold you so much
And taste the scent you own
So I'm sending you this kiss
That's long and wet
To remember me by
If ever you're alone

Hey now
I hope you're smiling
And I hope you're happy
Please always be that way
And soon you'll see how naturally
Love finds it's way to you... everyday

You have some right here
On this very page
It's reaching out for you
It's locked up here
Waiting to flee it's cage
And do anything you want... it to

Set Me free --- Fly With Me

Words From The Attic... I Think I Like You

Looks like this is another
from boot camp.
The fella's would ask
me to write something
for their wife or girlfriend
and they would give me
some information about her
such as a name or something.

That's probably where the
Kimberly came from.

It's pretty horrible
as far as poem's go...
but I got paid didn't I!!

I Think I Like You

Needing you... love
Like a summer sun
And giving love
To my only one
And making my life... so fun
That's what you do

Yes you are the girl
That I've never known
Riding around
On a diamond stone
Look at you now
You're never alone
I love you

Sweet honesty
My Kimberly
Talk to me babe
Look in my eyes
What do you see

A man of today looking widely
As tomorrow becomes rather brightly
Lite from a love you give
That comforts me
Never a day without sunshine
Always have time to say you're mine
Oh what a way to live
You set me free

You're here and you're there
You're everywhere
Looking good with the wind in your hair
Always giving without a care
I need you
I want you to know my sweetness
It's you that I love and you I miss
And you... that I want to kiss
I really do... love you

I Think I Like You