Sunday, May 14, 2017

Words From The Attic... Only One

Now this...
is an awesome
"coming home to you" ode!

I'm wondering if I actually
wrote this on a plane??

Really loved this one.
Many word combinations
that paint such a crystal clear picture.

2 thumbs up for sure!

Only One

Aeroplane ride
Taking me to you
Ride within the cloud's silver lining
Along with skies of blue

33 minutes and I'll be home
Filling your wide spread arms
Able to feel
Your soft smooth lips
The one's you own
Shinny and red
Which are my dream
Which always calm

I remember the days before I left
Will I feel so loved again
Giving you everything that I had
Was all I ever wanted
Can anyone ask for more than that

Remember the talks
The walks we went for
Through the park so green
You made me feel so real
So sure
You are the prettiest girl
I have ever seen

Aeroplane ride
I wish you never took me away
How I made it through
Those lonely nights
I'll never know
But the sands of time
Were always there
And they had all the say

Away from you
Never again could I take the pain
Of being alone miles from you
I think it wold drive me insane

Gate 22
Is coming up fast
My seat belt's off
Already undone
I just can't wait
To get back to my past
And be with you
My only one

Only One

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