Saturday, May 20, 2017

Words From The Attic... A Forever Sunny Path

A very loving and tender
bunch of words... LoL

No really,
it's a classic tale
of the thing most wanted
by most... humans...
inner strength
inner passion
complete involvement

2 thumbs up again... nice!

A Forever Sunny Path

But yet open
And yet defensive
I just had to go back to see you

I didn't see it at first
It took me by surprise
Just how real you seemed
But when I left
I was ready to burst
For now I did realize
That it's been you
I've dreamed

I've been thinking about your smile
While I'm here... away
I tried so hard to miss that plane
I wanted so much to be with you
The rest of the day

Today it's cloudy outside
But I still have a piece of the sun
Within me
It's been shinning bright
And glowing soft
Since yesterday
When my eyes first met thee

Before any further I go
With what I have to say
I'll need a smile to make me show
That in the wings
There's warmth and fun
On the way

If ever a woman were herself
With actions
And words together
To see how real she can be
Beautiful weather
You have my time
You have my thought
You have me
Can we be together

Easy does it
Just stand there
And look at me
You're beautiful
Really don't need to make
This rhyme
Because you just do something
To it all

Enjoy what is coming your way
Live out life with a laugh
For you to smile
Would make my day
And would put my dreams of you
On a forever
Sunny path

A Forever Sunny Path
A Forever Sunny Path

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