Saturday, May 20, 2017

Words From The Attic... A Simple Thing That's Sometimes Hard To Do

At first I didn't understand the title.
Well, we all know what a crappy title
creator I am right... lol

But then the theme of sharing...
that has to be it... right.
Because sometimes,
a lot of times really...
is a very difficult response for us to grasp.

So yeah...
it really is...
hard to do!

I enjoyed this piece very much.

A Simple Thing That's Sometimes Hard To Do

When I'm alone
I start to daydream
Of things to come
I wonder about things
That mean nothing at all
I sometimes dream
Of flying to the sun

I see in my mind
Real pretty things
The trees
The lakes
The springs
I see myself on a sunny day
And realize just one thing

There's no one there
There's no one to share
All the beauty before my eye's
Until I look up
I see you there
You were bright
As the glowing skies

You were willing to share
With someone who cared
About the things that you thought right
I took your hand
It's like it all was planned
And we shared our love
Throughout the night

It's the little things in life
That really mean a lot
Like a cuddle
A hug
Or a kiss
It may be simple to you
But it's the world to me
To be sharing a love
Like this

A Simple Thing That's Sometimes Hard To Do

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