Sunday, May 14, 2017

Words From The Attic... Waking Up

Waking up is so difficult at times
isn't it??

Not really sure just where the hell
my mind was at when I penned this.
Was I up...
was I down...
was I bored
or just
turned around???

Reads pretty well though.
You can give it any meaning
that you feel suits your needs.
And that's what so amazing
about reading someone else's words...
you can give them any meaning,
any strength,
that you want to give them!


Waking Up

Many times I've seen the sights
And many times I've seen the rain
But it's just another night
Perhaps I'll just refrain...
My thoughts

Could it be another day
Of simply living out
What you thought
Was pure dismay
When indeed
It was without

You look at the flowers
You look at the tree's
And you look at the children play
You open your eye's
You open your ears
And begin
Another day

Waking Up

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