Saturday, May 20, 2017

Words From The Attic... Remember

Love this one.

I think I'm like this with one or two
people... or at least I used to be...
but nevertheless...
to remain friends even beyond the
passing of the relationship is
just an amazing thing.
Dont'cha think!?

A very nice read.
Warmed my cold black heart...


If ever a day comes
When uncertainty overrides
The meanings of laughter and joy
Relax yourself
And call on me
I'll remind you of how
You are still a little girl
And me
A little boy

I'll hold your hand
And lead you around slow
Through the park
Along the trees
Over the bridge
Break through the breeze

Follow the path we used to use
To the stone brick wall
Before the lake
Where we used to cuddle
And light the fuse
Where we shared our tears
When our hearts did break

I'm glad we still care about each other
Enough to take the time
To ponder up a remedy
And bring about
A sun filled rhyme


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