Monday, May 15, 2017

Words From The Attic... Taking A Shot At Life

This one has
Bruce Springsteen's aura
all over it... LoL
Right down the fucking Chevy!

Blue collar blue's.

Shine on love
shine on light
shine on us
with all your might.

Even though it has Bruce's fingerprints
all over it, I still like it!

Taking A Shot At Life

Out in the back yard
Is a beat up Chevrolet
And on the side
Is a garden I think
The neighborhood
Is running down
And the cops
They're never around
And anytime
Is a perfect time
For a drink

But baby even through
The toughest times
The love we have
Has always always
Come through
No we ain't got no kids
We just can't afford
The luxury
Because of my job
And my position
And the wife's in school
Some kind of

But we hold our own
In the danger zone
Yeah we're
Holding on real tight
The secret to our life
Is held in us
Inside our love
Which is our light

Shine on love
Shine on light
Shine on us
With all your might

Taking A Shot At Life

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