Saturday, May 20, 2017

Words From The Attic... Hung Up On You

I can't wait to find THIS... girl!

Loved reading this one.

Forever... my love song!

Hung Up On You

I feel your body inside my mind
Caressing it's thought
Left blind
Waiting for you to call my name
For you
To call your game

Your letters I read
Only making me need
You more
I taste your scent in every word
I feel myself
Running for the door

Wanting to kiss you
Feel your every move
Knowing what it's like
To be with someone
Who can always soothe

When I think of you
I understand
That you are simply real
You hold my hand
You talk with me
You tell me exactly
How you feel

I've waited for you
For a very long time
All the other's
Were oh so wrong
Now I'm so happy
That you're all mine
You are forever
My love song

Hung Up On You

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