Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Words From The Attic... Somewhere Is The Cure

I can feel something...
but I'm not really sure what it is... LoL

It's corny for sure,
but I like it.
Might even be another attempt
at penning lyrics.

Like a sculptor loves his art!
Love that line.

Somewhere Is The Cure

I can feel something moving
From the inside of my heart
It's driving me wild
Because it wants to become free
It's a feeling I've had
It's like a sculptor loves his art
And now I'm drifting
Like a sailor lost at sea

But I know that something's coming soon
Because the feeling inside of me...
Is ready to jump out
Is ready to begin
Is getting ready to shout

Now someone out there
C'mon now
Show me you care

I've been a good good boy
Nearly all the time
But you know
That there's always room
To drink some whiskey
And sip some wine
But that won't change my mind

Because there's something deep in me
And it's really not hard to see
Just look in my eyes
With the thrill of surprise
And tell me you believe
And tell me you believe
I can still feel it in my heart

Somewhere Is The Cure

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