Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Words From The Attic... Too Little --- Too Late

I found another one that was
meant for that wonderful
British beauty I met
while in the navy... Julie.

We stayed in contact
for a while via snail mail
then at some point
just stopped
I guess.

I must have really liked this chick... LoL

Too Little --- Too Late

I wonder if you're there
I hear you're feeling down
Perhaps just maybe
You've lost your way
And ended up in another town

Today I was thinking
Thinking mostly of you
There was so much
I wished I could do

But I guess it's too far
For you to feel my touch
I tried so hard... so long
Perhaps the space between us
Was simply just too much

I still send my love... my thoughts
And my dreams to you
And my mind won't be calm
Until I know you're strong
Sometimes you know
Your dreams come true
And you find yourself
Where you always belonged

Julie... at night sometimes
I look up to the stars
And I see your sparkling eyes
They look so happy
Completely free
They're full of life
And cheerful surprise

Stay happy

Too Little --- Too Late

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