Sunday, March 5, 2017

Words From The Attic... Wanting You Closer

I liked this one a lot.
Can't remember if I wrote it
with a specific girl in mind,
as I met a handful of very special ones
along the way
that I became attached to...
but I really did envision
a few of them as I read.

And son-of-a-bitch...
my smile really did fade away
for a few moments,
just as the words below described.

fuckin' memories huh!!

So strong...
some of them are so fuckin' strong!

Wanting You Closer

Always the same when I see you
You just never let me down
Whenever I'm out and feeling blue
Your smiling face is always around

Soft sunshine
Surrounds your voice
It flows like mystic wine
If ever I had to make a choice
It's you...
I'd pick to be all mine

Daydreamer's dream
Of someone like you
To walk into their world
Like them...
I'm one that dreams you too
A special sensitive beautiful girl

If only our homes were closer together
Like maybe a stones throw away
We could of made each other laugh as kids
And ended up... as lover's today

Sometimes I find myself thinking of you
I mean really thinking
And it makes me unhappy...
You're so far away
And soon my smile starts a sinking

Send me a smile so I know you're happy
I really do care
I don't know why
But we had to say goodbye
And to me...
That's just not fair

Wanting You Closer

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