Saturday, March 18, 2017

Words From The Attic... Always A Lady - Always My Friend

What a stupid title...
good grief man!
Just doesn't fit
with what I'm reading.
Maybe I should hire
the guys at the New York Post...
they always come up
with incredibly slick titles.

It's just a sweet, simple
love poem to a chick I missed.
Nothing more
nothing less...
just a tiny bit of pure...

Always A Lady - Always My Friend

Away from me
Please will you call
I need to hear you
Taste your scent
I need your life
To prevent my fall

I love you... are words
That mean so much
But I need more than that
I need you
Your heart
Your ways
I need your touch

Baby please smile
You are my sun
You warm my blood
And fill my dreams
You're a woman forever
My only one

Look at me love
What do you see
A tear that falls
Upon your print
And a reflection of you
That shines in me

Live in me
And I in you
And together we'll live
And together we'll love
I love you babe
Forever I do

Always A Lady - Always My Friend

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