Friday, March 24, 2017

Words From The Attic... Set Me Free --- Fly With Me

Oh no...
that's right...
I just found another one
about my favorite Brit... Julie!
You remember...
the girl I met while in the navy!

this girl must have been something else.
I think this is like the 5th fuckin'
poem that I wrote about her... LoL

Doesn't get old though...
No matter how silly it all seems
at this point...
they still make me smile
when I look back on it all.

Fuckin' memories man...
fuckin' memories!
Too cool.

Set Me Free --- Fly With Me

Living high
Feeling free
It's just impossible now to ever be down
Meeting you
Though maybe it didn't show
Has touched something inside of me
That's making me glow

It would be fine to live
To love
And just hold onto you
Throughout the good
There's never bad
And when you're sick
I will be there to comfort you

Lately you know
I'm walking around
And feeling totally great
And no...
I'm sure it's not something I ate

It's you Julie
Maybe it's not right
Two days isn't long
But I've been thinking of you
Without a fight
And feeling that maybe
I do belong

I do want to hold you so much
And taste the scent you own
So I'm sending you this kiss
That's long and wet
To remember me by
If ever you're alone

Hey now
I hope you're smiling
And I hope you're happy
Please always be that way
And soon you'll see how naturally
Love finds it's way to you... everyday

You have some right here
On this very page
It's reaching out for you
It's locked up here
Waiting to flee it's cage
And do anything you want... it to

Set Me free --- Fly With Me

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