Sunday, March 26, 2017

Words From The Attic... Still Special

Aaa... the one that got away!

Can't remember if I wrote this
because it actually happened to me or not.
Although I was a big mushy mess
as far as chicks and girlfriends... LoL

I fall in love WAY too easily,
so this could very easily be me
pouring out my heart... for real.

But I'm sure there's tons
of guys that went through
shit like this with
matter's of the heart.

What the fuck is wrong with us huh??

So many times I truly wished that
I was a scumbag...
and didn't give a shit
about anyone else's feelings
but my own. But if you're not
wired to be that heartless scumbag...
then it's just impossible to become it.

And yes... I tried to do just that.
Lasted 3 weeks... and I was the most
miserable muthafucka on the
face of this planet.

So here's to being a nice guy...
and yes, we do... finish last... lol
A lot!

Still Special

I get a feeling in my heart
Every time I think of you
Anticipation... perhaps frustration
I don't know which is true

But the time we split
Went our separate wayz
Oh so long ago
Has turned my dayz
To a misty haze
I promised it wouldn't show

But as I look around
At the girls in town
It makes me wonder even more
Exactly what did I do
I let my guard down
As you strolled on out the door

Many a time
I've been thinking of you
And wondering how you've been
Because many a time
When the skies were blue
I held memories of you within

I get that feeling
Again and again
It's like a dog left out in the rain
And I want so much
To pick up my pen
And soothe that hollow pain

You are the one
The one you are
That my thoughts are all about
Stardust memories
A bit too far
Sometimes they make me shout

One day soon
We'll meet again
In the middle of Central Park
I'll say to you
How have you been
You'll say to me...

Still Special

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