Saturday, March 25, 2017

Words From The Attic... Back To Basic's

I'm guessing I tried to put myself
inside the head of a 9 year old
when I wrote this one.

Can't believe the kid said
"fuck off"... LoL

Cool message though.
Something you tree hugging
environmentalist wacko's
could connect with.
Except for the glove and bat...
of course!

Back To Basic's

Living a life
A boyhood dream
Getting in fights with Jimmy next door
Then stuffing your face
With chocolate ice-cream

Not a worry in the world
Nor even a care
Just gimmie my glove
And my baseball bat
And my favorite hat
That I love to wear

That's all I ask
As a kid that is
Just leave me alone
With your wars and stuff
And as for school
No... I ain't no wiz

So why dont'cha's all just fuck off now
I'm a normal kid
Who wants to grow up slow
So take all your chemicals and shit like that
Because I'm 9 years old
And I don't wanna glow

Back To Basic's

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