Saturday, March 18, 2017

Words From The Attic... Mystery Girl

Another one I wrote
while in navy boot camp
back in 1981.

Most if not all of them
were as simple, silly
and filled with rhyme
around every corner
just as this one is.
Fun right... LoL
Oh be quiet.

how could you not...
enjoy reading dribble,
such as this.

The innocence alone
is enough to make you smile.
the very first verse
has a bit of depth...
dont'cha think?!

Mystery Girl

Lines that form
All around your face
Resembles freedom
Of an open space

The smile they create
Is a wonderful sight
Like rain that falls
On a summer's night

Oh can you take your smile
And save it for me
It's the smile I'll need
When I'm across the sea

The love that I have
I'm willing to share
A love so fresh
Of sweetened air

A possible change
Perhaps the weather
Could be the key
Of our getting together

Oh how I wish
That our eyes could meet
A sense of love
From our hair... to feet

I'll be searching for you
Until the end
But until we meet
I hope you receive
The love that I send

Mystery Girl

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