Sunday, March 19, 2017

Words From The Attic... God Your Eyes Are Beautiful

that title sucks!

But I like the rest of it
very much. It paints
some very imaginative
images. Although
the ending is a bit weak.

But I'm liking it a lot!

Wrote this with one
person in mind...
from my sister company
in boot camp.
That girl could melt
you into a puddle of love
just by looking at you... lol

I'm not bullshittin' dude...
a fuckin' puddle!

God Your Eyes Are Beautiful

I can tell it's you
By the way you move your eyes
It's like having double vision
Of a sun that's on the rise

Look at me please
With your see-through sight
I need your sun
I need your light

When I see a reflection
In the clouds
I see your eyes in mine
They're showing me people
Massive crowds
Within them two lives entwined

Entangle me inside your mind
And whisper colorful moods
I feel your senses on the line
Softly sent
Which slowly soothe

All the time that you see me
I see inside of you
You think that maybe that can't be
But deep inside you know it's true

I feel your eyes upon me now
They're beautiful... bright
And sparkle with ease
One day soon if faith allows
I'll be in your eyes and holding hands
In the midst of a cool summer breeze

God Your Eyes Are Beautiful

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