Saturday, March 4, 2017

Words From The Attic... Results Of A Happy Mood

"As sweet as a
chocolate ice cream swirl"

LoL... good grief!

But the overall theme
of being a strong woman,
able to accept help,
still pushes it's way through
the ice cream.

Silly title though huh?
Was it my mood that was happy
and I wrote this?
Or was it the mood of
the chick?

Pretty awesome not knowing!

Oh wait...
I just read it again and yeah,
it's me...
talking to "her"...
except for the
"fighting" verse.
That's her speaking.

Now I like it even more.
So I guess it was
my happy mood... lol

Results Of A Happy Mood

Free spirit girl
Just widen your eyes
And use your senses
Whenever in doubt
To protect a dream
That never dies

Secrets unfold from day to day
Secrets you like
That affect your life
And secrets you wish
Would just go away

I'm fighting for me
Just... just can't you see
I want your help
If you're willing to give
If you're here to take
Then leave me be

The takers you know
Are never ever happy
They frown a lot
And always scheme
Trying so hard
To steal your dream

But they'll never succeed
My free spirit girl
Because your dreams and looks
Are just so sweet
As sweet as a chocolate
Ice cream swirl

Give a push
A bit of a shove
And before you know it
Your luck will change
And in walks someone
Your ready to love

Results Of A Happy Mood

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