Sunday, March 12, 2017

Words From The Attic... My Eyes Have Seen You

I stole the title
from a doors song...
"My Eyes Have Seen You"
which was on their
second album...
Strange Days

beyond the title
really like this one.

Can anyone...
really feel...
the color of......

My Eyes Have Seen You

My eyes have seen a velvet sky
Shadow's at night
And rising tides
My eye's have seen deliberate lies
Shallow sights
On either side

Opened wide
What a precious gift
Even though it seems
That sometimes they've lied
You need to lead... your mind adrift

Perhaps what you see
Isn't what you heard
And the roses are blind
Amongst the thorns
But you see it... you do
You see the bird
Bringing back the bounty
To her new soft born

Look with your hands
Can you see very much
The color of the sands
Can you tell... just by touch

As I stand here
And think of you in front of me
I feel as though
I'm the luckiest man on earth
To be able to look... and really see
All the beauty
That's alive in thee

Perhaps I do take for granted
What other's need
And walked away
When I should have stayed
But now I know
It's you I bleed
And should have seen
In times I strayed

To have the gift
To see a color
Orange... blue
Is a miricle you know
From you know who
But to have this miracle
And also see you
Is like a dream
A fantasy all come true

My Eyes Have Seen You

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