Monday, March 27, 2017

Words From The Attic... Simply --- I Love You

This one has navy boot camp days
written all over it... lol
Short, sweet and, well...
pretty horrible.

love that last verse!

Simply --- I Love You

I see a smile behind that frown
What's the matter babe
Did you lose your crown

Remember that day last week
When we went down to the park
We had just a bit of wine
Enough to make us feel so fine
And we walked along the lake

I told you things about myself you never knew
And you told me things you felt so real... about you

Again and again I need you girl
To fulfill my life
And forever... fill my world

Stay with me and love a life
A life of love that I'll always give
Inside of you... I want to live

Simply --- I Love You

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