Friday, March 3, 2017

Words From The Attic... But Only You

Just perfect!

In a silly...

and lovable way!

But Only You

I made up my mind
I finally made up my mind
That it's you I've got to have
Because you're a one of a kind

And sometimes when I look at you
I see an angel in flight
I'm wondering if there's room for two
Underneath your halo tonight

A lot of people are special to me
But you are something more
I've tingled once... or maybe twice
But never like this before

I'm dropping things
I can't think straight
My thoughts are all of you
My boss says
To ask for a date
Or I'm fired
He says that's true

Forget about him
And back to you
I need to know your feel
I need to know
Just what will happen
When the gypsy woman
Spins the wheel

Talk to me and let me see
The beauty
That surrounds your frame
The feelings in me
Are feelings for you
They're feelings that you
Can only tame

But Only You

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