Sunday, March 19, 2017

Words From The Attic... It's Who You Know

I'm pretty sure I wrote
this one soon after I
left the navy in '84.

I remember I was a bit
fucked up emotionally...
couldn't get my thoughts
together about being back
in the old neighborhood,
the one I couldn't wait
to get away from.

It was a weird year or two
I have to say. Took a while
to get my feet planted
firmly back on that
Staten Island ground,
and feel as though
I truly "belonged".

Kinda looks like I may
have been attempting
to pen lyrics to a song...

It's Who You Know

Somewhere deep inside
I see the making of a man
Breaking through the voids of time
To try to understand

What we do and what we are
And how we got so far
Sometimes though... I feel as if
I'm just a shooting star

We've got enemies on the left side
Enemies on the right
Back and forth we've got luxury
Is it really worth the fight

All around are the tides of war
Breaking down the door
What will it be
To set me free in 1984

Shoot me
Shoot me through the sky
See how far this boy will fly
Lookout now
My aim's on you
You know there's nothing you can do

Somewhere deep inside
A man is running
But just can't hide

Some day we'll all... stop

It's Who You Know

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