Saturday, February 4, 2017

Words From The Attic... Julie & Warmth To Grow

I met a girl... Julie...
was either on the island
of Palma off the coast
of it's mainland home... Spain.
Or it was in Italy,
I can't really remember.

She was on vacation,
from London...
and... much too cute,
and yes... accent and all!
"Ello Govna" LoL

Anyways, we hit it off
and began writing letters
back 'n forth and of course
your mind begins to fantasize
about ending up together.

When you're floating around
in the middle of the
Mediterranean sea,
on an endless aircraft carrier
your mind AND fantasy's
really take off just like
those F-14 jet planes I watched
launching from the flight deck.

It's very easy to leave
reality behind...
until it's time...
to get back to... it!


Wish I was there with you right now
Need to know just who you are
Two days of my life
Were made so bright
By a beautiful
Shinning little star

I remember your smile
And the way you talk
It just simply made my day
Your very own style
And a cute little walk
Is making me wanna say

That I wish we had time
To really make a rhyme
And show each other
Some love and care
You take mine... and I'll take your's
It's a habit I would like to share

Julie my girl
Since I said goodbye
My feelings for you have grown
My only thoughts have been
To have you with me
But this time we're all alone

A wonderful taste
Fills my mouth
When I think of meeting your lips
Like a glass of wine
In the bright sunshine
You only take... little sips

Maybe one day
We could hold on tight
And laugh the days away
And maybe one night
Underneath the moonlight
We could both come out and say...


Warmth To Grow

It's more than a feeling that's inside me
'Cause it sends me reeling
When it's you... I see

Hot summer nights
We walk the sand
Telling each other
We both understand

That when we're together
A beautiful sight
We'll love each other
Throughout the night

Morning brings us sweet caress
And sand between our toes
I look at you... and do confess
That a love for you... inside me grows

Love... like a flower
Need's warmth to grow
You start with a kiss
Soft and slow

You build on that... and wait and see
A beautiful love gathering steam
That soon becomes a lovable team

Listen to the beat
That's within your heart
Does it tell you you're falling in love
If it pounds like mine
It must be a start
No need to push
No need to shove

For you I live
For you I cry
For you I'll smile and say
That I want to give
Don't want to lie
With you
I want to stay

Warmth To Grow