Friday, March 24, 2017

Words From The Attic... I Think I Like You

Looks like this is another
from boot camp.
The fella's would ask
me to write something
for their wife or girlfriend
and they would give me
some information about her
such as a name or something.

That's probably where the
Kimberly came from.

It's pretty horrible
as far as poem's go...
but I got paid didn't I!!

I Think I Like You

Needing you... love
Like a summer sun
And giving love
To my only one
And making my life... so fun
That's what you do

Yes you are the girl
That I've never known
Riding around
On a diamond stone
Look at you now
You're never alone
I love you

Sweet honesty
My Kimberly
Talk to me babe
Look in my eyes
What do you see

A man of today looking widely
As tomorrow becomes rather brightly
Lite from a love you give
That comforts me
Never a day without sunshine
Always have time to say you're mine
Oh what a way to live
You set me free

You're here and you're there
You're everywhere
Looking good with the wind in your hair
Always giving without a care
I need you
I want you to know my sweetness
It's you that I love and you I miss
And you... that I want to kiss
I really do... love you

I Think I Like You

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