Saturday, March 4, 2017

Words From The Attic... Just For You

It's an overdose of sappy mush for sure.
But the innocence and naivity
just push your cheeks out
causing a childish smile
while reading.
It just does!

And yeah...
I do have a few scars
from unsuspecting,
weaponized women... LoL
And so do you I bet!!

Just For You

Smile for me
And I'll give you the moon
Oh smile for me
This month on June

The sun reflects beauty
From your soft rosy cheeks
A beauty so bright and wild
It's one a young man seeks

The craziness of your hair
It ignites a flame
Which only your voice
Soft and free... can tame

And those eyes
Oh those eyes
Are like florescent glowing stars
And unsuspecting weapon
Leaving oh so many scars

I think it is now
The time has come
Can we unite our love
And live as one

You drive me crazy
With the scent that you own
It's too late now to say goodbye
The seed is in
It's already sewn

Perhaps maybe
We could have some fun
And just go laugh in the rain
And maybe we could kiss
Underneath the tree
And maybe we could
Share our pain

Do you know the feeling I get
When I'm with you my love
The feeling of floating through the air
Like a brilliant white dove

I can't help the feelings
That I have for you
And you'll never close my eyes
With anything that you do

Just For You

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