Sunday, February 26, 2017

Words From The Attic... Everlasting Love

Wow... i loved this one!

I didn't want it to end.
I wasn't sure where the heck
it was leading me,
or how it was going to end???

Did she just leave... alive?
Or did she die??

Why would I want my love
for her to
"forever grow"
if she just left,
moving on with her life??

Everlasting Love

I always find myself
Looking back for you
But something in my heart
It tells me no
The good times that we've had
Are much more than a few
Like drinking wine
And caressing in the snow

But sometimes
When we touched
I could feel your body say
That baby please
Please understand
That one day I must go away

It was a feeling I had
Deep inside
Something your body
Just couldn't hide

We've played out our turn
And it was nothing but fun
Because neither of us lost
You know we both won

Walk on... love
While I cry a tear
And ask my god
To lend an ear

Now memories of her
Are all I have
Will you keep her warm
As she's kept me
And maybe god
Could you make it snow
So my memories of her will linger on
And my love for her
Will forever grow

Everlasting Love

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