Saturday, March 18, 2017

Words From The Attic... No Not This Time --- But

I absolutely love this one!

I cannot recall the moment that I
sat down and put pen to paper.
And truth be told...
I haven't the foggiest
fuckin' idea of what it's about... LoL
I think I do...
but I'll let you make up
your own minds.

It's almost as if every single verse
stands on it's own and is in fact...
a seperate thought, idea...
or even full length poem within itself.
Too cool I think...
just too cool.

I would love to say that I planned
it this way, but we'd both know
that I'd be lying...  : ) 

No Not This Time --- But

Remnants of a life
Surround my border
Telling me what to do
Inside a mind
Of flowing water
All around is icy blue

Incredible sights
Of dismay and wondrous charge
Caressing it's way towards the zone
Apparently hostile
And rather large
It rambles on... but not alone

Four rings later
You pick up the receiver
To find you're wanted by Father Time
Perhaps a wrong number
If you are a believer
And even a truce
If you sign on the line

A knock at the door
Brings heaven's dew
A shake of hands
Tremble with each move

Tomorrow's sun is left in the box
Refusal to work without a raise
Strike up a candle and call out the cops
I guess... it's one of those bad days

Darkened sunlight
Pays it's toll to cross the bridge
Unlocks the box
It's too much light
The flowers die

Dried up dew out on the stoop
It's cold like frozen health
Blood runs cold through your veins
A flask of life... within yourself

Remember the rings
And who is on the side
Ring ring once
Ring ring twice
Wrong wrong ring
Will take you...
For a one way ride

No Not This Time... But